Winners of Polish CS:GO Tournament Awarded Sausages Worth $1300

Aditya Singh Rawat
10/Aug/2020 01:41 pm
  • A CS:GO team was recently awarded sausages worth more than $1000 for winning a local tournament.
  • The incident has been reported by professional Polish CS:GO player Luz.
  • PashaBiceps and Innocent also commented on the unusual prize that was given away. 

The European Counter-Strike teams might be some of the best in the world but despite all the glamour, it looks like a local Polish CS:GO tournament attracted quite a lot of players using food as the ultimate prize. The organizers literally awarded the winners with sausages worth more than a thousand dollars according to a Tweet by professional Polish CS:GO player Maciej "Luz" Buga.

The 26-year-old Pole claimed that his team was awarded ‘Kabanos Sausages’ worth PLN (Polan Zloty) 5,000 which is roughly equivalent to $1,336 for winning a local Polish CS:GO tournament called ‘Tarczynski ChampionChips’ that took place in March earlier this year. Luz also revealed that to collect these sausages he had to travel halfway across Poland.

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CS:GO Team Awarded Sausages Worth More Than $1000

Believe it or not a CS:GO team were handed ‘Kabanos Sausages’ worth more than a thousand dollars for winning a local Polish tournament which was hosted by ‘Tarczynski Group’, a corporate company that leads the Polish market in the sales of ‘Kabanos’ and ‘Cured Meat’.

Polish pro player Luz who was a member of the winning team had to travel a great distance to physically collect this prize comprising of ‘Kabanos Sausages’, which are long, thin, dry sausages usually made of pork that originate from the country itself.

Iconic Polish Counter-Strike player Jaroslaw "pashaBiceps" Jarzabkowski commented on the player’s Tweet saying that he would have certainly bought them if they would have fit in his diet.

Another Polish player who currently plays for MAD Lions Pawel "innocent" Mocek, mockingly pointed out to the fact that at least the overall prize pool of local Polish tournaments have gone up from PLN 300 ($80) to ‘Kabanos Sausages’ worth PLN 5,000.

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Though it is interesting to see a Polish company belonging to the food industry of meat take interest in the local esports circuit and actually go-ahead to conduct their very own CS:GO tournament, the winning prize certainly felt a bit odd. So, just to see if what Luz had stated was completely right or not I did a bit of research of my own and found out that what the player had stated was not exactly the whole truth.

The CS:GO tournament in question ‘Tarczynski ChampionChips’ was actually held several months ago in late March and according to the competition’s website the prize pool list clearly mentions that the first three teams will be awarded non-cash prizes having a value of not less than PLN 3,000 ($801).

A PDF obtained about the tournament shows that each player from the first three teams will be awarded with an iBOX AURORA K3 keyboard along with sampling packages from the Tarczynski brand.

Note: The following has been translated from Polish using Google translate.

The whole situation concerning the prize is still not clear, maybe they were changed at the last moment or something else might have transpired. For more clarity, I reached out to Luz but at the time of writing this article, no reply has been obtained. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see how the local industries are showing interest in esports, even if the winning prizes are food-related.


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