Unusually Weird CS:GO Glitch Turns a Player Into a C4 Momentarily

Aditya Singh Rawat
15/Jun/2020 02:48 pm

Counter-Strike players have accepted the fact that random bugs and weird glitches are part and parcel of CS:GO, readily accepting whatever it is that the game throws at them. As they move on to diligently collect the horde of sweet karma awaiting the upload of their discovery on Reddit.

Showcasing one such rare glitch that was unheard of before, u/Raven_Kerman shared with Reddit his in-game experience of turning into a C4 momentarily. Yes! You heard that right, his character actually turned into a huge C4 explosive for a few seconds before the user hit a few buttons to rectify the glitch.

Playing T-sided on Mirage, after having won the 6th round of the game u/Raven_Kerman started to plant the C4 for some extra cash before going into the next round, but while attempting to do so the round came to an end as the next round started to everyone’s surprise, there was a humongous C4 standing beside them at ‘T-Spawn’.

The User Turned Into a Huge C4

The user in his post states that “I was still holding down M1 when we advanced to the next round. When I switched weapons it went away.”

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So though the glitch was not game-breaking in any way and it was pretty easy to get rid of it, the fact that the player’s character did turn into a huge C4  does give birth to a few chains of thoughts like; Would it be possible for the player to plant himself on the site? If so, would the blast radius be affected due to the increased size of the explosive? Would his movement speed be affected when walking around as a C4? and other such absolutely sound reasonings.

Some users even went to the length of suggesting creative C4 skin ideas to Valve.

Guess T-sided players really want to show off that C4 and they rightly should, so much effort goes behind planting it on a site. So maybe there is a chance that the next cosmetic upgrade might actually be coming to utilities, including the C4!

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