Massive CS:GO Bug Reveals Players Through the Smoke

Aditya Singh Rawat
13/Jun/2020 11:43 am
  • A massive smoke bug has made its way to CS:GO along with the new update.

  • Players are able to spot the enemy through a smoke due to the newly introduced graphics option.

  • This smoke bug is not limited to Inferno and has been faced by multiple players across various maps. 

The 10th June CS:GO update seems to be introducing newer problems with each passing day, what started off with players being able to spot enemy through walls at certain times has now spread over to smoke grenades as well.

According to popular CS:GO Twitter personality Haci (@DonHaci) users can now spot enemies through smoke due to the new graphics option ‘Boost Player Contrast’. As per the video shared by him, players from the ‘Pit’ position in Inferno who have enabled this new setting can spot players through smoke at a certain angle on ‘Balcony’.

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Though a majority of users called him out for ‘baiting’ them or labelled his claims as being ‘fake’, it turns out that Haci was indeed telling the truth as he later shared an HD (High Definition) screenshot of the same.

Enemy Players Can Now Be Spotted Through Smoke

Similar to how a faint outline of the enemies can be spotted through a wall giving away their position unintentionally, a slight silhouette of the opponents can be seen through the smoke as well.

It turns out that the bug is not limited to just that one spot on Inferno, as several players reported sighting a similar bug on various maps while facing different situations.

As spotting the silhouette of the enemy players through the smoke is quite hard and its occurrence is also random, only certain eagle-eyed players would be able to use this bug to their advantage. But in a more professional setting or when a match involving high skilled players is being played, this bug could be disastrous and literally game-breaking.

Hope Valve can quickly solve these problems associated with the new graphics setting option. While this smoke bug is pretty common and recreating it is also simpler, the much rarer through the wall visibility bug is the one that could be a bigger problem.

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