CS:GO User Mathematically Proves That Standing Further From the Corner is Better

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO user proves a gameplay concept used in the game correct using mathematics.
  • This was previously proved by 'The WarOwl' as well in 2014 using pure gameplay.  

Being a part of the CS:GO community is a great feeling especially when users bring the magic of mathematics to prove a particularly important gameplay concept. A Reddit user recently used the knowledge of math to enlightenment the members of the community how standing further away from the corner is advantageous for a player.

User Mathematically Proves CS:GO Gameplay Concept

Reddit user ‘proiicop’ explained a crucial game concept which can be considered a basic and quite an important CS:GO gameplay mechanic, using just mathematics. We all know that a player who is further away from a particular corner will have a significant advantage over a player who sticks closer to it due to the larger field of view at his disposal.

CS:GO User Mathematically Proves That Standing Further From the Corner is Better

This is simply because the player further away from a corner will be granted additional visibility around it when they go for a peek, to see if there is an enemy present on the other side or not. This has been proved in great detail by popular CS:GO YouTuber ‘The WarOwl’ as well.

In his video, the YouTuber has addressed various issues and different scenarios to ultimately prove how sticking to a corner is massively disadvantageous when compared to standing further away from it. Proiicop has done the same, but instead of presenting the information graphically through gameplay, the user has used simple math to prove that what 'The WarOwl' had explained in his video is indeed factually correct.

CS:GO User Mathematically Proves That Standing Further From the Corner is Better

Though some players did raise a question at the time when WarOwl had explained the same concept back in 2014, proiicop has finally managed to settle the score on this long-standing debate by using the ultimate theoretical form of proof, Mathematics.

This, however, cannot be considered as being the practical approach while playing CS:GO in each and every scenario. As every game and situation deserves to be dealt in different ways depending on what the objective is, the weapons and utilities a user has at his disposal, his opponents positioning, and many other factors.

The only way to approach this information is from a perspective of gaining knowledge so that one has better insight into the gameplay mechanics associated with CS:GO. It is at best an ideal scenario showcasing the most accurate and truly possible outcome if two players with everything in common were to approach each other as depicted by the user, resulting in the player who is further away from the corner having a significant advantage.

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