Brazilian CS:GO Streamer Gaules Faces Heavy Criticism for Recent Cheating Accusations

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 30 Jun 2020, 12:23 PM
  • Gaules faces heavy backlash from the CS:GO community for once again accusing Chaos EC players of cheating.
  • Dev1ce, Thorin, NBK, and many other prominent personalities voiced their opinion on the matter against Gaules.
  • The streamer blamed all the criticism on the CS:GO community's general attitude towards the Brazilians.

Popular Brazilian CS:GO streamer and personality Alexandre “Gaules” Borba has been facing a lot of criticism lately for his actions against players of Chaos Esports Club, as he once again insinuated them of cheating by sharing a certain photo.

What started with him along with Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo blatantly calling out players of Chaos EC for allegedly cheating against MIBR at cs_summit 6 Online: North America, has now transitioned into a direct conflict between Gaules and multiple prominent members of the CS:GO community.

Gaules' Initial Accusation

On 23rd June MIBR had lost to Chaos EC at cs_summit 6 Online: North America following which the North American organization faced heavy backlash prominently from the Brazilian community as both Gaules and FalleN accused them of cheating.

Even at the time bulk of the pros and other personalities were in favour of Chaos EC because though the few viral clips from the series did look somewhat suspicious, it was not a proper piece of evidence to book the players on the account of using cheats.

16-year-old Nathan "leaf" Orf was perhaps the most affected by these baseless allegations as the player received several death threats based on these accusations. Not only him but several other Chaos EC players belonging to different gaming titles received threats from various users according to Greg Laird who is the CEO of Chaos EC.

The situation came under control when FalleN finally came forward with a series of Tweets requesting everyone to not accuse anyone without evidence. A week has passed since the incident and as there has been no direct statement or comment from the organizers of the tournament (Beyond The Summit) the whole incident came to rest.

Gaules Reigniting The Flame

But the yesterday Gaules shared a photo without any caption showing Chaos EC losing to a low-tier CS:GO team called Ze Pug Godz. This was enough to stoke a fire as fans once again started to point fingers, but multiple members of the community came forth criticising this move by the Brazilian stream.

Dev1ce was one of the first to comment against Gaules saying that calling people out for cheating will always be the biggest pussy move.

100Thieves coach Chet “ImAPet” Singh also voiced his opinion on the matter stating that this was ridiculous and to leave the poor kid alone.

Brazilian CS:GO Streamer Gaules Faces Heavy Criticism for Recent Cheating Accusations

Thorin had a more aggressive take on the matter as he went on to say that this might be Gaules prerogative, just as it will be up to the next TO’s prerogative to grant him his co-streaming rights or not.

Brazilian CS:GO Streamer Gaules Faces Heavy Criticism for Recent Cheating Accusations

Former MIBR coach Wilton “zews” Prado clearly said that he will not be defending the manhunt against leaf.

Many other personalities spoke up on the matter, voicing their opinion against that of Gaules. There has also been a huge call out for enforcing an ‘innocent until proven guilty’ mindset when it comes to such accusations without definite proof or solid evidence.

Gaules who did not respond to the harsh criticism on Twitter later via his Twitch stream said that all the hate being generated against him was a result of ‘xenophobia’, as he went on to talk about how Brazilians are treated within the CS:GO community.

The members of the community did go on to acknowledge that Brazilian fans are quite passionate when it comes to CS:GO but their intentions were not a result of a xenophobic attitude.

Dev1ce once again speaking on the matter said that he does recognize that the Brazilian scene indeed gets the most hatred from the community and that it is not at all okay. While also clarifying that his Tweet was not xenophobic or racist in any way, requesting everyone to not mix it up.

Both Chaos Esports Club and MIBR have been eliminated from cs_summit 6 Online: North America at the time of writing this article. Let’s see how the situation plays out moving forward as Gaules clearly does not feel that his actions were wrong.

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