Chaos EC Player Vanity Tries to Debunk the Cheating Allegations Against the Team

Aditya Singh Rawat
24/Jun/2020 09:44 pm
  • Chaos EC AWPer Vanity has attempted to debunk the cheating allegations being made against the team.
  • He tries to analyse and provide logical reasoning to three of the many clips doing the rounds.
  • Vanity sarcastically says that TRK and Fer were also cheating while providing clips to back his point. 

A day after Chaos EC players came under fire for allegedly cheating against MIBR using illegal programs for which many of the players even received death threats, one of their players Anthony "vanity" Malaspina took a stance against the baseless allegations.

The 21-year-old Chaos EC AWPer took to Twitter to share a series of clips through which he tried to prove that the cheating allegations against Chaos EC were not true and that Nathan “leaf” Orf was not using any ‘Wallhacks’ or ‘Aim Locks’ in the match against MIBR.

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Vanity Analyses A Few Clips

Vanity explained that since a lot of people were accusing Chaos EC players of cheating “I’d like to share some things that I’ve found when watching these clips.” Having said that Vanity goes on to share a video made by a YouTuber who tried proving that the hacking accusations against Leaf were false.

Vanity on why users should not judge simply on the basis of clipsVanity on why users should not judge just on the basis of clips

Taking the Inferno clip as an example the YouTuber shows that even if Leaf was supposedly using a Wallhack he would not have been able to spot Fer from his position on ‘Balcony’. This is because Fer was too far from Leaf’s position for both the game’s engine and the client to even detect it through the wall.

This was followed by Vanity explaining the logic behind the other two Overpass clips. For the first one, Vanity states that Leaf saw TRK throw a flash through the smoke while stating that “I shouldn’t even have to entertain this clip but you guys all don't play the game so I felt necessary to include this.”

As for the second one, Vanity labels the clip as being ‘weird’ and says that slowing it down to 0.25x will give users a better insight as they will be able to see that Lead actually aims above TACO who is on the other side of the smoked off tunnel.

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But Vanity does not stop by simply debunking the cheating allegations against the Chaos EC players instead, he goes on to state that “Now that we're going to make some more stupid clips look guys TRK AIMLOCK OMG!" He goes on to attach the following clips while sarcastically referring that it was TRK and Fer who were actually cheating.

Vanity's concluding tweetVanity's concluding tweet

There has been no statement on the matter from Beyond The Summit who are the organizers of cs_summit 6 Online: North America. At the time of writing this article, Chaos EC has comfortably managed to qualify for the second stage of the tournament where they have been placed in ‘Group B’ alongside 100Thieves, Gen.G, and Cloud9.


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