CS:GO Insider Reveals that Source 2 Update Might Come out Later this Year

CS:GO Insider Reveals that Source 2 Update Might Come out Later this Year

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Nors3 reveals that 'CS:GO Source 2' is definitely going to happen.

  • He further states that the update might come in late 2020 or maybe even the next year.

  • The Source 2 port speculations that started in late March this year have already been proved wrong twice.

The speculations about CS:GO porting over to Source 2 which have been doing the rounds for more than a couple of months now have failed to bear any results, but the CS:GO community still remains hopeful for the update.

Answering their call popular Counter-Strike insider who goes by the name of Nors3 on Twitter, recently posted an update surrounding the Source 2 port for CS:GO. In the update, he specifically mentioned that ‘CS:GO Source 2’ is definitely happening but at the moment the “CS:GO code is a clucterf**k”.

He further said that a lot of work is required at the moment to make the port possible, “So don’t expect it before late 2020.” He also stated that it was very much a possibility for the update to not come out this year at all, as many things are involved for the port to transpire “and working at home make(s) it difficult.”

The initial rumours were sparked in late March when the creator of Valve News Network, Tyler McVicker on a Twitch stream specifically stated that “CS:GO Source 2 should be released within the next two months.” This was followed by McVicker once again speculating on 12th May that the Source 2 update might be released within the next few days. 

But, till now there seems to be no news of the update instead some other changes have taken place regarding the UI of the game, grenade mechanics, and even the introduction of a new experimental graphics setting called ‘Texture Streaming’ that helps in the smoother running of the game in low-tier systems.

There is no certainty as to how plausible it is that the rough time estimate provided by this leak is true or not, but as has been the case in the past every small news concerning the Source 2 update seems to get the community excited and hoping. Let’s see if this time it turns out to be true or not, as they say, ‘Third time's a Charm.’

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