User Finds a Massive Memory Leak Problem Within CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
29/May/2020 12:06 pm
  • Reddit user finds a memory leak problem within CS:GO.

  • This problem might be the reason behind several games crashing as it directly affects the game server.

  • Despite a technical deep dive by the user, the exact extent of the leak remains unknown.

A Reddit user who goes by the name of 'Yota_Ninja' has brought to everyone's notice a big problem that seems to be the reason behind server crashes. Helping the community and possibly the developers as well, the user did a deep dive in order to explain this particular problem which he noticed recently.

According to the user, there is a really bad memory leak in CS:GO which is responsible for the various server crashes. The user has gone ahead and provided a technical explanation of what might be causing this memory leak, stating the following,

  • The problem seems to be specifically affecting ‘Listen Servers’ and ‘Dedicated Servers’.

  • The memory leak rate seems to be directly proportional to the tick-rate of the servers.

  • Giving a personal example the user stated that he got to know about the leak because “A map on one of our servers was leaking close to 10 megabytes per second until it crashed.”

The user did a technical deep dive to know the cause of the issue but concluded by saying that he was not sure of the exact extent of why the memory leak occurs, urging Valve to fix the issue.

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In layman’s terms, this problem is similar to how Chrome is often blamed for consuming too much RAM. In this case, the web browser can be replaced by a CS:GO map which is constantly consuming RAM on a server, and after reaching its capacity the game server crashes, leading to the server restarting itself.

This problem of continuous RAM consumption without it getting cleared after the process is completed is known as a memory leak. As more RAM keeps getting consumed, it leads to various things like the server or system crashing and could also lead to potential security vulnerabilities.

Definition of a Memory Leak

Recently CS:GO faced a huge problem of several games crashing and the problem became really common before the developers were able to patch it, but it looks as if the problem has not completely been solved.

The information provided by the user along with Valve’s expertise can lead to this problem of memory leak getting solved completely. Let’s see how fast can the developers take care of this issue which is quite a serious problem.

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