CS:GO Update Features a Graphics Setting to Improve Performance on Low-End Systems, Better Grenade Mechanics, UI Changes, and More

Aditya Singh Rawat
28/May/2020 09:26 am
  • 'Texture Streaming' has been introduced as an experimental graphics setting which will help in improving in-game performance for low-tier systems.

  • Users can now customise their main menu background and a new kill feed indicator has been added.

  • Grenade mechanics have undergone a significant improvement.

CS:GO just rolled out a new update which brings with it an experimental graphics setting which will help improve game performance on low-tier systems, various UI changes, improved grenade mechanics, a brand new sticker capsule based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and a few other changes.

Players can now customise the CS:GO ‘Main Menu Background’ as a new setting has been added under the ‘Video’ tab. Users now have an option to put scenery from maps like Anubis, Blacksite, Cobblestone, and others, choosing the background which suits their needs.

CS:GO Main Menu Background Scenery

Along with this, developers have added a new ‘Kill Feed’ indicator which gives information about players that are killed due to a ‘C4 Explosion’ across all game modes. This action now joins previous indicators such as blind kills, kills through smoke, flash kills, and no scope sniper kills.

New C4 Kill Feed Indicator

Apart from these UI changes, the following grenade improvements have been made,

  • Players are less likely to become stuck on mid-air grenades.

  • Players are now able to stand up when crouched on top of another player’s decoy grenade.

  • Grenades are less likely to phase through doors when thrown into nearby players, and have improved collision when bouncing near the ground around player’s feet.

The ‘Texture Streaming’ which went into Beta earlier this month has finally been released as an experimental graphics option and is now available under the ‘Graphics Setting’ option. Enabling this helps players with low-end systems better run CS:GO, giving them increased FPS and visuals.

"Texture streaming allows the game to defer loading of high-resolution textures until they are needed for rendering, potentially saving a significant amount of video memory. On systems with slower disk access, streaming textures may be momentarily visible."

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Finally, a new sticker capsule is now available for purchase containing a variety of stickers from ‘Warhammer 40,000’ series.

Warhammer 40,000 Sticker Capsule

For a complete list of changes, users can check out the update log by clicking HERE.


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