FunPlus Phoenix Steps into CS:GO by Joining FLASHPOINT

FunPlus Phoenix Steps into CS:GO by Joining FLASHPOINT

Aditya Singh Rawat
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With FLASHPOINT all set to start tomorrow onwards the final teams for the league have been announced as the League of Legends world champions FunPlus Phoenix has become the final member partner, with the organizers also inviting Chaos, HAVU, and Copenhagen Flames as the last three teams.

FunPlus Phoenix Steps into CS:GO by Joining FLASHPOINT

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While announcing the teams FLASHPOINT announced that the member partners which had originally been set as 10 teams had been reduced to just 8, due to which Chaos and HAVU were handed out the remaining slots as they finished 3rd-4th in the qualifier.

The reports of FunPlus Pheonix entering CS:GO turned out to be true as they confirmed a slot in the qualifier by becoming a member partner, however, no news of them picking up the Heroic roster has surfaced yet.

Another change that took place was the last minute drop by BIG, as they withdrew from the tournament only to be replaced by Copenhagen Flames instead, who finished in the top six during the qualifiers.

With this, all teams for the main event have been announced consisting of 8 member teams and 4 teams making their way through the qualifier. The tournament set to start tomorrow is being played behind closed doors at the organizers Los Angeles studios due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The tournament which features two group stages will observe the teams collect points based on their placements, with the top eight teams making it through to the playoffs where they will fight it out in a double-elimination bracket. Let’s see which teams win it big in the first group stage starting tomorrow.

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