Game Breaking CS:GO Bug Renders Mac-10 Useless

Game Breaking CS:GO Bug Renders Mac-10 Useless

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Imanuel V

The new update that was released yesterday seems to have brought with it a strange bug due to which players who use Mac-10 with a skin on it are experiencing issues in-game, as the game kept crashing as soon as the players purchased the particular weapon.

The server doesn’t crash for everyone, but the player purchasing the skinned Mac-10 would be instantly kicked out of the lobby, while the game would close. In some cases, this might lead to competitive bans due to long inactivity times because of consistent disconnections.

The following bug was brought to everyone’s notice via a Reddit post by u/Naschpitz who even came up with a solution to combat this unusual bug, stating that, “all my friends also crash it seems (but) if you buy really fast before the model finish the animation it won’t crash.”

Though Valve hasn’t commented on the bug yet, it seems that a quick fix will be implemented soon from their side. Let’s see how many silver plebs are forced to run a full eco buy instead of force buying every round by sacrificing on the armor and helmet.

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