Valve Releases Patch Packs to Customize Agents, New Buy Menu and more

Aditya Singh Rawat
25/Feb/2020 08:00 am

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CS:GO dropped a huge patch update yesterday introducing a revamped buy menu, some customization options for the crosshair, and a new way to personalize your agents.

The latest patch brings with it CS:GO Patch Packs which can be applied to your agents to personalize them. These patches feature a variety of classic designs and can be applied to specific positions on the agents. More than one patch can be applied to the character model.

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The revamped buy menu includes a visual rework, featuring an interactive preview of the character holding the desired weapon and equipment. Along with this, the equipment that the player can afford for any particular round will be illuminated in the buy wheel.

Image Credit: Blog - Counter-Strike

All the players will now get additional options to customize their crosshair. Players can go over to the settings menu, where they will get a variety of crosshair settings that players can choose from. An additional feature of importing or exporting your crosshair settings with others via a code has also been enabled.

Image Credit: Blog - Counter-Strike

The latest patch brought with it some visual changes but will not be impacting the gameplay in any way. The new ‘Patch Packs’ are similar to stickers which players apply to their weapons, similar to the stickers these patches can be removed as desired and new ones can be applied in its place.

The new agent character models introduced by Valve along with the release of Operation Shattered Web have been the center point of many recent CS:GO discussions by the community.

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While some wanted an option to disable these features on the client-side, Valve does not meet the community eye-to-eye on this topic and have instead opted for map optimizations, and now further bolster their usage by giving players an option to customize them.


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