Counter-Strike 2 Ranked System Explained

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Counter-Strike 2 Ranked System


Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) will have a ranked mode with skill-based matchmaking similar to CS:GO.
Valve is unlikely to change the existing skill tiers but we can expect changes to matchmaking and the game's anti-cheat.
Live bans are coming to CS2 according to the game's files, which can help prevent unfair wins or losses.

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) will have a ranked mode with skill-based matchmaking and it will be part of Valve’s plans to overhaul Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Valve is yet to reveal anything official about what changes are coming to the game’s ranked mode, but the core structure of the ranked system is unlikely to change. We can expect fine-tuning to the matchmaking and better anti-cheat measures, but outside of that do not expect much to change. Here’s everything you need to know about Counter-Strike 2’s ranked system.

Counter-Strike 2: All Skill Tiers

If Counter-Strike 2 carries over the same CS:GO ranked system, we will have a total of 18 ranks spread across six tiers. Your rank is an indication of your skill level as well as the skill level of everyone else in the lobby. Here is a look at what the Counter-Strike 2 skill tiers should look like if Valve does not make any changes. 


  • Silver I

  • Silver II

  • Silver III

  • Silver IV

  • Silver Elite

  • Silver Elite Master


  • Gold Nova I

  • Gold Nova II

  • Gold Nova III

  • Gold Nova Master

Master Guardian

  • Master Guardian I

  • Master Guardian II

  • Master Guardian Elite

  • Distinguished Master Guardian

Legendary Eagle

  • Legendary Eagle

  • Legendary Eagle Master


  • Supreme Master First Class

  • Global Elite

Counter-Strike 2: Live VAC Bans are Coming

Players who are part of the ongoing Counter-Strike 2 limited beta test have discovered that there is a system in place that automatically bans players in the middle of a game if they are caught cheating through Valve Anti Cheat (VAC). This is something that will change the ranked experience for players and prevent any unfair wins or losses.

If your match is canceled due to a cheater being banned, you will not gain or lose any matchmaking rating (MMR).  Do note that queueing with cheaters intentionally can have consequences and you should actively report cheaters in case you run into any. 

In case you want to give the game a try on any of the compatible platforms, you can check out our guide on how to play Counter-Strike 2’s Limited Beta Test. You can also check out our guide that discusses Counter-Strike 2’s console release.

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