Is Counter-Strike 2 Coming to Consoles?

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Is Counter-Strike 2 Coming to Consoles?


The only console that Counter-Strike 2 is officially coming to is the Steam Deck.
Valve has not made an official statement regarding a release on PlayStation and Xbox.
There are other Windows and Linux-based handheld consoles that may also support Counter-Strike 2.

Counter-Strike 2 was announced for Steam, macOS, and SteamOS (Linux) but many are wondering if the next-gen version of the iconic shooter is coming to other platforms. As it stands, the only console that Counter-Strike 2 is officially coming to is Valve’s own handheld console, the Steam Deck. There is no official information regarding a PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch release of the game but that may change in the future.

Counter-Strike 2 will work on the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck’s hardware is more than capable of running Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at 1280x800 with a solid 60 frames per second. The game is not at all demanding but the handheld console might experience a performance dip once the game is upgraded to Counter-Strike 2 later this year. 

While there are other Windows and Linux-based handheld consoles that are available in the market today, the performance on such devices may vary. If you plan on getting the Steam Deck for Counter-Strike, do note that the 64GB variant of the handheld console comes with an eMMC storage drive while the 256GB and 512GB variants come with NVMe SSDs that are much faster at reading and writing data. 

You will not be able to use a keyboard and mouse and will have to rely on the touchscreen and the built-in joysticks to aim. It might not be the perfect way to experience the game, but it is still an option in case you want to play the game on the go. 

When it comes to other console platforms like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, players will need to wait for an official announcement by Valve in case a console version of Counter-Strike 2 does see the light of day. Until then, you are restricted to macOS, Steam and SteamOS (Linux) for the time being. 

In case you want to give the game a try on any of the compatible platforms, you can check out our guide on how to play Counter-Strike 2’s Limited Beta Test

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