Get Free Magic Cube For Taking Part In Free Fire Diwali Events

Nutan Lele
27/Oct/2020 12:32 pm

Garena is going all out with their Free Fire Diwali celebrations this year.
Players will have a chance to obtain a free Magic Cube, Gunskin and Bundle this Diwali by participating in events.
With these cubes, players can redeem a lot of rare items and bundles from the Magic Cube store.

Free Fire is going all out for its Diwali celebrations. Survivors get a free magic cube when they take part in the Free Fire Diwali Events starting from 30th October. The events will last from 30th October to 15th November, a whole two weeks before Diwali 2020, which happens on 14th November. 

Free Bundle, Gunskin And Magic Cube For Diwali

According to the official announcements on the Free Fire socials, the special event will reward players with free Magic Cube, a free Gun Skin and free Indian themed emotes. 

Free gun skin and bundleCourtesy: Garena Instagram

Magic Cubes are a coveted item that every player wants to have given the fact that it is super hard to get one. To get 1 Magic Cube, players will need to collect 100 Magic Cube Fragments which can be earned via lucky spins and other events.  

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Magic Cube Lucky spinCourtesy: Garena

With these cubes, players can redeem a lot of rare items and bundles from the Magic Cube store including Arcane Seeker, Mystic Seeker, Duchess Swallowtail, L.C. Colonel, L.C. Commander, Hipster Bunny, Inking Affection and more, all for 1 Magic Cube. Thus players can choose 1 of these bundles with their free Magic Cube.

Magic Cube StoreCourtesy: Garena

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