Autumn Draw Event for MLBB Is Here

Nutan Lele
29/Aug/2020 01:30 pm
  • Mobile Legends introduces the Autumn Draw Event for players.
  • Players are guaranteed one Epic Skin.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a huge worldwide player base, with nearly 281 million downloads around the globe. Millions have found the game attractive for numerous reasons. Some will cite the great engaging gameplay while others might love the aesthetic that lets you have an immerse mobile gaming experience.

A major part of Mobile Legends’ appeal is cosmetics, and the game has routinely bought in unique ideas and styles for skins. While many additions are made for players to get new skins, we now have another event added to the game called Autumn Draw Event.

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Autumn Draw Event

The ‘Autumn Draw Event’ is a draw event that can be accessed in-game which later redirects to a browser. This event is similar to the skin draw event that was held as the last ‘Summer Draw’ event. Anyone with the game can participate in it by first going in events in the left-side menu bar. Once you’re in it, go to Community in the upper tabs on your screen. It’s 3rd from the left. Once you’re in there, scroll down on the left and look for ‘Draw Skins for FREE’. It will be the last option in the left-side menu under ‘Vote for the Winner!’. Once you find it, click on ‘Go Now’ to open the earlier-mentioned browser.  Players have to collect Autumn Tokens which are gained by doing Autumn Token Tasks or buy them to participate in the Autumn Draw Event. These are as simple as ‘Log in the event’, ‘Invite friend 1 time’, and ‘Recharge 1 time (daily)’. The last task refreshes daily while the first two are essentially the only other free draws. 

Autumn draw mlbb rules1

Remember that while the game markets the event as it has 9 free chances, that is sort of misleading. Players have to recharge 1 time daily for the entire Autumn Draw Event just to get 7x Autumn Tokens. The other two tasks are the other free ones. Another reminder is that there is a guaranteed skin in the first ‘Draw 10x’ as mentioned in the banner in the event and not for the first 10 presses on the ‘Free’ button. There’s also an ‘Epic Skin Progress bar’ underneath the afore-mentioned buttons that accumulates for every draw you made. Once you reach 60 draws, you are guaranteed an Epic Skin.   

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