Mobile Legends is Offering Discounts on Select Skins

Shounak Sengupta
28/Aug/2020 09:20 am

The latest Mobile Legends event will see some of the most coveted skins being offered at a discounted rate. The Bargain event is now live and will be open till September 2. The following skins are up for sale during this discount period:

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Moskov - Decapitator set and Spear of the Dragon

Moskov Image via Mobile Legends

Moskov is one of the more popular mid laners in Mobile Legends and has very good kill potential as well as harassment capabilities. He is a strong laner and belongs to the Marksman class. The Spear of the Bone Dragon gives him a skeletal armor vibe with his purple theme being replaced by a Green one. The Decapitator set is an Elite set that puts Moskov in a mechanized suit, complete with a mask. It too has a green theme to it.  

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Gusion - Hairstylist

Gusion Hairstylist setImage via Mobile Legends

The popular assassin, Gusion relies on heavy burst damage and can be played in the jungle. His Hairstylist skin which is an Elite skin will be available on discount and gives off a Victorian era vibe. The skin has a cool sinister look and feel to it that perfectly compliments his ruthless playstyle. 

Selena - Wasp Queen

Selena Was Queen SetImage via Mobile Legends

Selena plays a similar role as Gusion as a burst damage dealer and jungler. Although her elvish persona revolves around using the power of the abyss, the Wasp Queen set gives her a much more cheerful and happy look. But don’t be deceived as she loses none of her lethality and can harness the nimbleness of the wasp as well as its deadliness. 


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