Interview with Lokesh 'Goldy' Jain - Team owner, 8bit

Shounak Sengupta
25/Aug/2020 02:24 pm

Lokesh Jain, popularly known as Goldy is the big brother to the Indian PUBG Mobile community and can often be seen stepping into complicated situations to help resolve them. He also co-owns an esport organization called 8bit and manages streamers and influencers in a similar fashion as a talent agency. Goldy is also part of the S8UL gang, who can often be seen in videos, streams and social media, interacting with the other members. We speak to Goldy on all things Indian esports and this is what he had to say ...

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Interview with 8bit.Goldy

Hi Goldy. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you. Please introduce yourself for our readers and tell us a little bit about how you are involved in esports and gaming. 

Hi I am Lokesh Jain aka 8bit goldy .I am an entrepreneur hailing from a business family from Delhi and I entered esports an year back partnering with one of the most esteemed organisations in Indian esports scene, as Animesh Agarwal aka 8bit thug's co partner.

What were you doing before getting into esports and how did you discover this industry? What about the esports industry attracted you and how would you define your role in the industry? 

Before esports I was into my family business of manufacturing and export and few of my individual projects related in the jewelry industry which I still continue as major. I was a casual-gamer since childhood beginning with video games, Nintendo’=s and then Play Station. One fine day while travelling in Vietnam a fellow traveler introduced me to PUBG Mobile and I got addicted, playing it for fun . I used to do crate openings from season 2 and got some recognition because of that, later I went to see the first LAN event i.e PMCO Spring and I was instantly awestruck seeing the crowd there. So that was the point I decided I have to do something big in this and that very event I managed to get in touch with Animesh Agarwal in an awkward 2 min talk (not many people know this) and that’s how it all began . I would not define my role in esports industry as of now but for PUBG Mobile community I think I might be a big brother like figure to lot of players no matter which org they perform for !

Together with Animesh, you’ve started the 8bit organization. Can you tell us what the vision is behind this brand? What are some of the major achievements that you are proud of? 

8bit was started by Animesh and since I stepped in as a co-owner alongside him my vision has been clean and simple - To bring out the best hidden talents across the community, be the biggest esports brand and the best talent management agency in INDIA .

  1. Major achievements that I am proud of are - 
  2. Bringing out lot of talents who have turned into big names today. 
  3. Winning the PMIT 2019 trophy 
  4. Having the best CLASH ROYAL roster in the country. 
  5. Being partnered with Animesh.
  6. Probably having the best fleet of influencers/youtubers of the country working with us.

The Indian esports community looks towards you as a big brother. Is there a considerable amount of pressure associated with this tag and how do you deal with them? 

Yes Lot of people in the community look up to me as a big brother and lot of times there are issues/rivalries which happen behind the scenes or on social media among them. This makes me feel like all this is happening within my family and has to be handled very carefully which can be very stressful at times but I am glad they respect me and my decisions!

You were one of the key people who took an active stand in the fight against toxicity in the Indian gaming community. Why is this issue close to your heart? 

This issue wasn’t any issue for me since day 1. In fact, I gave simple thought process to all the players/streamers, which was that ignorance is the key and when you grow it brings a lot of people forming multiple opinions about you; some will appreciate and others will criticize and I always taught them to be calm and accept criticism in a healthy manner. However, some of the things could not be  accepted as criticism. 

I took this stand seeing my fellow streamers/players families being attacked on Social media - Image morphing, rape threats, jokes on sexuality etc which of course was mentally affecting jot of them .That was it, it was time and one fine evening I sat with my team of consultant & lawyers from my office and told them the situation and instantly got a nod from them. It’s illegal according to the IPC and comes under cyber bullying and that was it, I took a stand . 

Thousands of pages were taken down, few were even questioned by the department and I am sure it seems a pretty better place than before!

 Among the others, you are one of the members of the S8UL clan. The S8UL brand is known for its brotherhood and easy-going, relatable nature. Is this a culture that always existed within the members or something that you guys have actively worked towards? 

Good one, so this is a very in-depth thing so when I joined there was no S8UL , it was Soul and 8bit and yes brotherhood culture was always there when I first met them but everyone had there own set of complaints/issues with someone or the other within the same batch which I heard out from every individual separately. I sat down with Animesh and talked it out and explained him the scenario, so being a new one I did not do much rather Animesh alongside Naman made sure S8UL  must be formed. Yes like I always say there might be differences in opinions but we are now family with same thoughts, vision, respect and love for each other !

Having observed the Indian esports industry over the last year, what are the areas that you think we are lacking in? 

According to me the major problem with Indian esports is the inability to represent our country on a global scale. The probable cause for this is the scarcity of professional organisations and goverment backing or recognition to it .Why?

The only game in which India is being represented globally is PUBG Mobile. We haven't been able to make an impact in other franchises like Dota2 , Clash Royale , CoC , Brawl Stars , CS:GO and many more . The teams which dominate within India fall short while competing with global teams.. But still esports is an evolving concept in our country compared to US and EU where gaming was accepted as a career choice many years ago. People need to start taking gaming as a serious profession only then we can get global recognition.. Having the highest youth population in the world and an arsenal of talented players, if those players get a chance to play for limited orgs only then how can we expect the Indian esports scene to leave its mark on the world instead of just within our borders which of course refrains financial value to the entire esports ecosystem.

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What is something that you feel that western audiences fail to see about the Indian esports industry? 

Again limitations of resources and organisations leaves just oe major threshold of viewers in India i.e PUBG Mobile. Being said that I repeat having the highest youth population in India we are stuck and limited to one game only . 

But since couple of months I feel lot of streamers are diversifying, the Indian teams have performed outstanding in the recent world league and I feel it had been noticed in western audience as well!

Mortal being nominated as the streamer of the year at esports awards  , Scout x Dr disrespect collaboration, international organisations like TSM, Fnatic, NOVA & Galaxy Racers stepping in speaks volumes..

What are the areas in which Indian teams and players are lacking on the international stage? According to you, what is the correct way to rectify this situation? 

After the recent performances at the PUBG Mobile World League stage I don’t think Indian teams are lacking anywhere. I feel within no time India will be at the top at global level.

If you could change one thing about the Indian esports community what would it be and why? 

One thing I would love to change about Indian esports community is to have a government approved body working in the esports sector which sets basic set of guidelines for players and owners because I feel players are not organised and  they take a lot of pressure and don’t pay attention towards their health which will be bad for their future. And the owners as well need to start working professionally keeping negatives and positives working in balance like any business model should run! 

Who is someone in the industry that you look up to? 

Mr Akshat Rathee. (MD - Nodwin gaming)


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