Box Gaming’s IGL Louis Beats Up Pimay On Livestream

Nutan Lele
25/Aug/2020 01:07 pm
  • Things get heated during a livestream as Box Pimay gets beaten up by captain Louis.
  • Box Gaming apologises for the incident and Louis steps down as IGL.

With all the action and gunfights, PUBG Mobile can sure get the adrenaline pumping. However, sometimes things go a little out of hand. This is what happened with Box Gaming players Louis and Pimay while on stream. 

Louis loses his cool with Pimay

It all started with Pimay streaming 3 days ago. What started off as a normal night eventually turned into a heated argument with Louis eventually striking Pimay multiple times. Pimay can be seen talking offscreen to Louis who starts yelling at him. When the streamer retorts, things escalate between them. While Pimay tries to keep his cool and continue playing, Louis can be seen appearing at the corner of his screen as he continues yelling at the streamer. Eventually, because of no response, Louis angrily jabs his head and lands a few punches on his teammate. As Pimay recovers, Louis decides to grab the nearby ring light and threatens to continue his assault. However, the streamer shouts back, pointing and yelling at his IGL. Pimay seems a little disoriented as he tries to get his footing back and continue with the stream.

Box Gaming fans were upset and took to social media, inquiring about the incident. The team addressed the fight with a Facebook post after much backlash. 

Loosely translated, the post reads, ‘After the incident that just happened tonight, first of all, we apologize to the fans of Box Gaming in general and Pimay in particular. As the owners, we are responsible for the management of any shortcomings. We had an internal meeting and resolved the conflicts after the incident, after communicating with both Louis and Pimay.

Louis's actions resulted from him losing his cool as he’s currently under immense pressure ahead of the new league season. Box Gaming absolutely does not encourage this behaviour and has initiated internal discipline for Box Louis accordingly. Louis will temporarily leave the captain's position to calm down thinking as well as determine the role of a captain in the team.

Again, we extend our sincere apologies to the PUBG Mobile Vietnam community. Please give the team more time to prepare themselves before entering the new season.’

The two teammates seemed to have worked things out. Louis uploaded a video on Facebook showing him patching things up with Pimay as the two hugged it out like bros.  

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It is currently unknown who will replace Louis as captain/IGL for Box Gaming in the upcoming PEC 2020 tournament in Shanghai. 

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