Celebration of Mobile Gaming Charity Event On YouTube Gaming

Nutan Lele
20/Aug/2020 01:48 pm
  • YouTube Gaming is hosting the 'Celebration of Mobile Gaming' charity event on 27th August.
  • Creators participating include Clash with Ash, Orange Juice Gaming, KairosTime, Lex and Her Gaming. 
  • Prize pool of $50,000 will be donated to a charity of their choice.

YouTube Gaming has announced a new tournament with a prize pool dedicated for a cause. The ‘Celebration of Mobile Gaming’ is an all-digital tournament happening on August 27th as a part of YouTube's involvement with the online version of the event, VidCon Now. The two-hour celebration will feature many of YouTube’s prominent mobile gaming creators as they go head-to-head in a marathon-style tournament. The titles included are Brawl Stars, PUBG Mobile and Clash Royale. The money won from the $50,000 prize pool won’t go to the creators themselves, but rather to a charity of their choice. The event will be streamed on the VidCon YouTube channel next week – on August 27th.

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Participants at Celebration of Mobile Gaming and VidCon 2020

The creators taking part in Celebration of Mobile Gaming are Clash with Ash, Orange Juice Gaming, KairosTime, Medalcore, Lex, Her Gaming and Powerbang Gaming, who is hosting the event. The players will compete in duos to see who takes home a $50,000 prize towards a charity of their choice for pandemic relief. Each participant picks their own charity, which will receive their share of the winnings. 

Talking about Celebration of Mobile Gaming, Powerbang Gaming said, "Mobile gaming has grown rapidly over the last couple of years. Gamers can play and enjoy great games on the go, while also being a part of a strong community. The mobile gaming community on YouTube is passionate and bigger than ever. I'm excited to be part of YouTube Gaming's celebration of mobile gaming at VidCon Now along with other beloved content creators all in support of doing some good in the world. It's a unique moment for our community and I'm thrilled to be a part of it." Powerbang Gaming is a YouTube Creator with over 1.58M subscribers.

"The gaming landscape has changed with the emergence of mobile gaming. More individuals, across all demographics, now have the ability to play games whenever and wherever," said Orange Juice Gaming, YouTube Gaming Creator with 1.77M subscribers. "One large aspect of gaming is the community that gamers belong to. YouTube has changed gaming as it has allowed individuals to share their experience with likeminded people across the world. Events and tournaments connect passionate players and build strong communities."

VidCon this year is not a traditional convention. This year it is a virtual experience, lasting through the summer which will feature plenty of creators and their work. The event isn’t limited to esports or even gaming as VidCon looks to feature a diverse roster of creators.

Celebration of Mobile Gaming will premiere at 2 pm on August 27th EST (2 am on 28th August SGT) on the VidCon YouTube channel.

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