4 Teams Banned From PMCO Fall Split Pakistan After Hacking Allegations

Nutan Lele
15/Aug/2020 09:34 am

PMCO Fall Split Pakistan 2020 kicked off on 12th August with a total of 32 teams battling it out against each other for a spot in the Semi-Finals. However, after rumours and allegations of hacking started going around, some matches from Group Stage Day 2 ended up getting postponed on account of what PMCO Pakistan officials called ‘suspicious behaviour’ of some players. An all-captain meeting was reportedly called and after an investigation into the claims, PMCO Officials announced on a Livestream today that they have decided to disqualify 4 teams from the PMCO Fall Split.

The 4 teams banned from PMCO Fall Split Pakistan

  • Team Xetreme
  • 47 esports

According to the official statement which read “The PUBG Mobile Esports team investigated the currently active competitive PUBG Mobile players of PMCO Pakistan. We have discovered that four teams have made use of an unauthorised program, the type of which has been severely damaging the integrity of the game PUBG Mobile, therefore, we have decided to ban the following four teams from ongoing PMCO Pakistan and future PUBG Mobile tournaments for lifetime

Team Xetreme stood at 43 points (tied with NextGen Esports. 47 esports had 38 points while TheHELLFIREs had 21. Team ECSTASYYY stood in 29th place with 13 points. Two matches which were remaining from day two have been rescheduled as one extra match per day on the next two consecutive days. The rest of PMCO Fall Split Pakistan will happen according to the normal schedule while these four teams are removed from the Group Stages. 

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Hacking scandals aren’t new in the PMCO Fall Split Pakistan, last split 247 Gaming was involved in one as well. The team played as one of the 16 teams in PMCO Spring Split 2020 in the Pakistan Finals. However, the team was allowed to participate in the current PMCO Fall Split Pakistan. In the recent past, PUBG Mobile has had to deal with a number of hacking allegations. They recently announced that they were banning and disqualifying 531 rosters worldwide on account of hacking. The Fall edition of the PMCO has been plagued by multiple accusations of hacking even on the other side of the border in India. 

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