Hacking Allegations At The PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2020

Nutan Lele
13/Aug/2020 06:28 pm

PMCO Fall Split 2020 kicked off yesterday for both India and Pakistan. A total of 32 teams are battling it out against each other for a spot in the Semi-Finals. The teams are divided into four groups (eight teams per group). Out of these, eight were invited from PMCO Spring 2020 and 24 teams went through the Qualifiers. However, the Fall edition of the PMCO is plagued by multiple accusations of hacking. 

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Reports of hacking in PMCO Fall Split India 2020

PMCO Ghatak Insta storyThe Insta story uploaded by TSM Entity's Ghatak

TSM Entity’s Ghatak uploaded an insta story, asking PMCO officials to look into the matter urgently. Ghatak also requested his followers to raise the issue on social media by sharing the story and tagging officials. 

Reports suggest that one of the teams renamed themselves as Hater Esports’ and continued playing the Group Stage. A video uploaded to Instagram by Kull also allegedly shows Fintox Esports being involved in hacking. AFK Gaming has not been able to independently verify these allegations.

Hacking allegations and boycott of PMCO Fall Split Pakistan 2020

PMCO Fall Split Pakistan Group Stage Day 2 has also been postponed on account of suspicious behaviour from some players. The official stream of PMCO Pakistan was stopped midway and the casters announced a break after which streaming stopped. Officials reportedly conducted an all-captain meeting for PMCO Pakistan following the accusations of hacking and said that the remaining PMCO Pakistan matches were postponed due to ‘suspicious behaviour’ of some players. Several YouTubers claim to have gathered proof against team ‘I Dont Lose’. 

Caster Ocean Sharma apparently talked about this in a vlog by K18. 

Some teams decided to take a stand against the hackers and boycotted PMCO Fall Split 2020 in Pakistan. Team Bablu’s player TeenWolf also commented on the situation and considered boycotting the tournament. 

He says their team died in several matches due to hackers. He also criticized the management of PMCO Pakistan, citing the hacking scandal involving 247 Gaming last Split. The team played as one of the 16 teams in PMCO Spring Split 2020 in the Pakistan Finals and walked away with $1,100. However, the team was allowed to participate in PMCO Fall Split 

PMCO Officials are currently investigating the situation and teams who are caught hacking will probably be disqualified from future PUBG Mobile tournaments. Recently, PUBG Mobile announced that they have banned and disqualified 531 rosters globally on account of hacking.

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