PMPL Indonesia Ladies Tournament Season 2 Kicks Off

Nutan Lele
13/Aug/2020 03:08 pm

Southeast Asia is championing mobile esports like no other region. With numerous mobile titles building up massive playerbases, publishers are trying to boost participation with many tournaments. Indonesia has been pioneering initiatives in esports in Asia, and now PUBG Mobile is looking to give a platform to its female audience. The second edition of the PMPL Indonesia Ladies tournament has been announced. This is the only official all-female tournament by PUBG Mobile’s main esport circuit in the world. Registrations closed on 8th August and 128 all female-only teams from the region are participating. 

About The PMPL Indonesia Ladies Tournament

PMPL Indonesia Ladies tournament had its qualifiers from August 11th to 12th. The 128 teams were split into 8 groups of 16 teams each on August 11th after which the top four teams from each group qualified for the second day. On August 12th, 32 teams from day 1 were divided into 2 groups of 16 teams where the top seven from each group made it into the grand finals of PMPL Indonesia Ladies Season Two. Details about the finals and individual prize pool for PMPL Indonesia Ladies Season 2 are not out. 

This is the second instance of an open-for-all female-only PUBG Mobile esport tournament, conducted as part of the official circuit by the publishers themselves. This tournament is following in the footsteps of PMPL Indonesia Ladies Season 1 where 16 teams were directly invited for the tournament. Another such tournament, the PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship 2020 was held last July. It featured a separate ladies tournaments that saw six teams directly invited for the brawl while 12 made it through open qualifiers. The tournament was then won by Prime Snaky.

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Indonesia, currently, is the only country that has received an official female-only tournament. In India, players like Tanisha are doing well in the domestic scene. She was part of an all-female roster called Supergirls which participated in the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 India in February this year. Their performance in the Open Qualifiers was extremely commendable and Tanisha then got picked up by Orange Rock esports. 

India has seen a lot of professional PUBG players and streamers like Krutika Ojha rising in popularity with Monika “Sherlock” Jeph getting signed on by Global Esports. Whether India follows the footsteps of PMPL Indonesia Ladies Season 2 and gets its own official league for females remains to be seen. PMPL Indonesia will be played from August 14th to September 17th with $150,000 up for taking.

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