Orange Rock Sign Ocean And Tanisha To The Organization

Shounak Sengupta
21/Jun/2020 03:49 pm
  • Orange Rock announced the signing of two new members to the organization. 
  • Both members are likely to have joined as influencers, rather than players. 

One of India’s top PUBG MOBILE organizations, Orange Rock esports has announced the signing of two new members to the team. It’s unlikely that these two members will be part of the active roster, but nonetheless, they will be part of the organization. Caster, Ocean Sharma will be one of the two members, while Tanisha, a female PUBG MOBILE gamer will be the other member.

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Tanisha was part of the only female roster at this year’s PMCO India, where her team known as SuperGirls were eliminated in the group stages. The team ran into some controversy after one of their other players refused to show up for the matches. Ocean Sharma is one of the most recognizable faces and voices in the Indian PUBG MOBILE community and has been a part of multiple premier events such as the PMCO, PMPL, PMIS and PMAS. He is well known for his Hindi casting, but has lent his voice to the English cast on occasions as well.

Indian esports caster Ocean Sharma

Ocean is a well known figure in the Indian PUBG MOBILE space | Image via @oceansharma

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Both members are likely to have joined Orange Rock as content creators and/or influencers. The exact nature of their roles has yet to be disclosed. However, these are exciting times for Orange Rock as the squad will be representing the regions as the number 1 seeds from the PMPL South Asia league stage. They have also announced the signing of a power packed player, aka GiLL who is expected to give their firepower a significant boost for the World League. A roster move involving the incredibly talented Sc0utOP is also on the cards and is all but confirmed by both player and org. With four incredibly talented players in Mavi, Daljit, GiLL and Sc0utOP, the organization is very much going to be a giant in the Indian PUBG MOBILE scene and one that is quickly expected to bring in new fans thanks to the arrival of star players. The addition of content creators will allow the brand to create content around the brand and its players and help cement the Orange Rock name as a top organization. 


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