Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship Officially Announced With 1 Million USD Prize Pool

Shounak Sengupta
22/Apr/2020 05:06 pm

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In what feels like has been a long time coming, Call of Duty: Mobile has announced its first tournament in the COD:M World Championship 2020. The news about this tournament was already leaked earlier via the test server, but now an official post confirms it. the tournament will be sponsored by Sony and a total prize pool of 1 Million USD has been announced for the event. [Source]

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The announcement is massive positive sign for those who have been grinding the game relentlessly. With mobile titles successfully transitioning to esports, many had their eyes on Call of Duty: Mobile, especially because the title started off with a bang. However, things slowed down considerable, with many community members urging the developers to help build the esport side of things. Although things have moved slowly, it seems that we are finally at a place where the first large scale Call of Duty: Mobile tournament will now be underway. 

According to the official website, the eligibility criteria for the tournament requires a player to be Veteran I or above in ranked mode. The tournament will be divided into several stages to help pick out the best players. The first stage will be the online open qualifiers. This phase will last over 4 weekends from April 30th - May 24th.

How it works

  • Stage 1
  • For each of the four weekends, once you click “Sign Up” in game, the tournament will go live and the first ten ranked matches you play will earn you tournament points. Tournament points are based on individual wins and your current rank; the higher your rank the more points you receive for a win. If you reach 80 points within the first ten ranked matches in any weekend you qualify on to Stage 2. 

  • Stage 1 Rewards
  • Registration Reward: You’ll earn a Call of Duty: Mobile in-game reward for registering 
  • Progression Rewards: You’ll continue to earn in-game rewards as you earn tournament points
  • Qualifiers to Stage 2: If you qualify to Stage 2 you will earn an additional in-game reward. Each week we will be giving away a new item so make sure to play each weekend.

Stage 2

Stage 2 will require you to form a team out of those players who qualified during Stage 1 and continue to play online matches.

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