Call of Duty: Mobile has crossed 100 million downloads within a week of its launch

Shounak Sengupta
8/Oct/2019 03:53 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @Activision

The mobile version of one of the most popular franchises in videogame history took place just one week ago, and the title has managed to surpass all expectations with a whopping 100 million+ downloads in just that much time. The data comes via industry data tracking website, Sensor Tower.

The majority of downloads happened in the United States of America at 17%, followed by India, which has already established itself as a giant in the world of mobile gaming. 

“This is by far the largest mobile game launch in history in terms of the player base that’s been built in the first week,” said Randy Nelson, head of mobile insights at Sensor Tower.

A large part of Call of Duty’s success is the fact that it feels like a polished and complete game and it’s fast paced gameplay and shooter genre adds to the familiar yet new feel.  The huge player base and surging popularity does mean that an esports scene will be in the picture sooner or later. 


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