PMCO India Semifinals - Marcos Gaming Top the Table as 8 Teams Eliminated

Shounak Sengupta
18/Feb/2020 07:42 pm

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The semifinal stage of PMCO India came to an end with 16 teams moving onto the final stage of the competition. This of course does mean that 8 teams have been eliminated from the competition. The 24 teams played 16 games each across 6 days and as the dust settles, we take a look at what the table looks like, what it means and what the top storylines from the semifinal stage were. 

Marcos Gaming were the top team of the semifinals, finishing in the pole position thanks to their incredible fragging power and ability to convert games into chicken dinners. Orange Rock were similar in their approach and take second place, followed by most of the usual names. What was surprising however, was the fact that Mayhem have been eliminated from the competition and the team who finished in the top 3 in the group stages were unable to sustain their form. 

Mayhem Eliminated After Lacklustre Performance

Everyone was looking forward to how Team Mayhem would fare in the semifinal stage, but their campaign came to a bitter end as they bowed out of the competition. The team had surprised everyone in the group stages, as they managed to get multiple chicken dinners and finished in third place. Unfortunately, that same Mayhem failed to show up in the semifinals as the team struggled both with placements and with kills, averaging only 2.3 kills per game. It’s very surprising to see Mayhem not making it to the finals as they looked like a team who had both firepower and great strategies to back themselves up. The team finished in 17th place, 1 spot shy of qualifying with a 21 point gap between them and 16th placed Revenge Esports. 

Marcos Gaming and Orange Rock On Top

Marcos Gaming and Orange Rock took the 1st and 2nd spot on the table respectively, showcasing some beautiful gameplay across all the days. This is Orange Rock’s second second place finish as the team did the same in the group stages as well. Both teams had 3 chicken dinners each and while Orange Rock’s play style seems to be heavily reliant on good calls by their IGL Mavi, Marcos just brute forced their way to the top with some insane individual performances. Perhaps it is their ability to play off of each other and communicate effectively that sees Marcos on top with 110 kills to their name. 

Marcos Gaming impressed everyone with a top notch display | Image via @marcosgamingofficial

Sc0ut’s Absence Leads to a Dip in Fnatic’s Form

Unfortunately for Fnatic, the team were unable to repeat their group stage performance, slipping down from 1st place to 8th. While it is true that one of their most important players, aka Sc0utOP was missing from action, the rest of the players still need to buck up and deliver a bit more consistently. The teams were one of the only 4 teams in the top 16 who failed to secure a chicken dinner. Both Ash and Ronak had mediocre performances in the semifinals and need to up their game as the competition will only get tougher from now on. Scout meanwhile, returned to the team only on the last day as he was travelling to Indonesia for the rest of the stage. He will be playing with the team for the finals, so there is hope to be had. 

Scout's absence was not ideal for Fnatic | Image via @VSPN

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Livcraft, 7Seas, ELMT Impress in Semifinals

New names on the Indian PUBGM scene, Livcraft, 7Seas and ELMT Esports were all impressive in the semifinals as they did well all around to finish in the top 10. Each of these teams had various high points at different stages of the competition but 7Seas should be really happy with the way they played and their third place finish.  Livcraft too, pushed hard on the final two days to make every game count as they managed to finish in 6th place. 

Meanwhile, some of the existing names such as that of Godlike were the ones who were seen struggling and although they did okay in terms of placements, they need to improve in the fragging department. The team finished in 9th place. 

Full Power’s Unsportsmanlike Conduct Disappointing to See

Despite all the wonderful PUBG Mobile action, one particular incident left a sour note in everyone's’ mouths and it came via Full Power. The team struggled pretty much throughout the entirety of the semifinals stage and when it finally came down to the last match, they knew that they would not be able to make it out of the bottom 8. 2 of the players refused to enter the lobby, leaving the other 2 stranded at the last moment. With just two players available, the team was not allowed to participate in the final match. This is not the type of behavior we’d like to see from a team playing in the PMCO. It’s not just the defeatist mentality but the sheer unprofessional-ism of the players that portrays everyone in a bad light. 

The Finals will be played out on the 22nd and 23rd of February with the top 9 teams moving onto the South Asia PUBG Mobile Pro League. 

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