PUBG Mobile Reveals Slot Distribution For South Asia Pro League

Shounak Sengupta
17/Feb/2020 04:02 pm

The distribution of slots for the South Asia PUBG Mobile Pro League was revealed on stream today and we know how many teams will advance from each regional PMCO to the Pro League. As it stands, 9 teams from PMCO India will advance to PMPL while from South Asia there will be 6 teams. Along with these 15 teams, 5 teams have already been directly invited for the PMPL, who are - Entity Gaming, SouL, Team IND, Team INS and SynerGE Gaming. 

This means that for now 20 slots have been confirmed for PMPL South Asia, which is interesting as PMPLs in other regions have 24 slots. However, the slot distribution for PMCO Pakistan is not yet revealed and it is likely that the remaining 4 teams will qualify via PMCO Pakistan. 

A confirmation of 20 slots has been given by PUBG Mobile. Will be interesting to see where the other 4 teams are from | Image via @PUBG Mobile India

PMCO India and PMCO South Asia are currently underway and both competitions are playing out their penultimate day of the semifinal stage. 16 teams will play in the finals stage of both tournaments, and the top teams will make it through to PMPL South Asia. As mentioned before, 9 teams from the PMCO India Finals and 6 from the PMCO South Asia Finals will find their place in PMPL South Asia. 

PMPL is typically a league running across multiple weeks and played offline. PMPL South Asia will determine which South Asian teams represent  the region in the PMWL or PUBG Mobile World League. PMPL will also take place in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia+Singapore and Americas, of which the Thailand one is already underway. Follow AFK Gaming for more news and updates from the world of PUBG Mobile and stay tuned for updates, drama and match recaps. 


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