Parachute Glitch Costs Fnatic in PMCO Semifinal Match

Shounak Sengupta
18/Feb/2020 12:04 pm

A weird parachute bug led to Fnatic’s early demise in a PMCO semifinal match. The team, who had won the group stages have been struggling to find the same form in the semifinals and needed to perform to the best of their abilities on their final day to make a last ditch effort for the top spot. While the team has been able to find consistency in their games, a near game breaking bug caused them to crash out early of Sanhok, which was the second map of day 5 and Fnatic’s 14th of the semifinal stage.


The incident took place on the penultimate day of the semifinals with teams from Groups A and C going up against each other. Coincidentally, it was also Fnatic’s last day of matches as only teams from Group B and C will play on the final day. The bug caused Fnatic to miss their landing spot by a big margin and led to their team bowing out early. Having missed their initial drop point, Fnatic were too far apart to take any meaningful engagements as they were picked off one by one and ended up in last place. 

Thankfully, Fnatic have enough of a points tally to not have to worry about the results of a single match. However, if the same situation would arise with a team who are battling to make it to the next phase, it indeed would have been unfortunate. The last day of the semifinals is set to kick off later today and we can only hope that it plays out without too many issues. It will be an important day for all the teams as we will find out which 16 teams move onto the final phase of the competition. As usual follow AFK Gaming on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and stay tuned for all the updates and news from the world of mobile gaming. 


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