How To Play And What To Build on Lee Sin In Wild Rift

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11/Jan/2021 04:14 pm

Lee Sin is an amazing fighter and jungler who channels the Dragon Spirit into his burning fists and roundhouse kicks.
We take a look at Lee Sin’s abilities, runes, items and more for playing the Blind Monk.
We will also be looking at ability combos and advanced Insec plays.

Lee Sin is an amazing fighter and jungler who was introduced in patch 1.0. He channels the Dragon Spirit into his burning fists and roundhouse kicks. We take a look at Lee Sin’s abilities, runes, items and more for playing the Blind Monk.

Lee Sin’s Abilities In Wild Rift

Lee Sin has a lot of gap-closing abilities that let him gank really well. His ultimate is a good setup for separating the enemy ADC or marksman from their team and he doesn’t use mana but instead relies on energy that replenishes over time, much like Akali and Zed. Lee Sin is good at early game duels and ganks. His strong start can be used to snowball his team into victory. 

Passive -  Flurry

Lee Sin gets bonus attack speed and has his next two attacks restore his energy bar. Always attack once or ideally, twice, each time you use an ability. Both when killing jungle monsters or when fighting champions. 

Passive Lee SinCourtesy: Riot Games

(1) - Sonic Wave

Lee Sin fires an energy wave in the target direction which damages the first enemy hit and marks them. Lee Sin can then recast (1) Sonic Wave to perform Resonating Strike and on the marked target which will make him dash to them and deal damage.  

Sonic Wave is one of Lee Sin’s gap-closers and is good at engaging enemies at the start of ganks but it is better used as a finisher because it also deals more damage, the lower the enemy health is. Players can also re-cast this ability if the enemy uses Flash or one of their abilities. 

(1) Lee SinCourtesy: Riot Games

Sonic Wave has a huge range, compared to other champions but it is definitely a high risk, high reward move. If you miss your Sonic Wave at the beginning of the gank or fight, there isn’t much you can do until it comes off cool down. Also sometimes even if you land your ability, it might not be the best idea to jump in if your team is nowhere near or if the enemy has a lot of crowd control that can lock you down.  

Players can also use Sonic Wave to move between jungle camps and shorten the time it takes you to get from one camp to another. Also remember, this ability works on wards too, so you can plant a ward and jump to safety too.

(2) - Safeguard

Safeguard is a good defensive and mobility tool. The first cast ability allows Lee Sin to dash to a target location, if there are enemies nearby, he will get a shield.

SafeguardCourtesy: Riot Games

The second cast, called Iron Will, will give him an auto-attack reset which also grants bonus magic damage and a large amount of Omni (spell) vamp. Safeguard is great for engaging with enemies because you get a shield in case they retaliate. You can bait enemy skills by dashing in using (1), then dashing out using Safeguard. In Wild Rift Patch 1.1, Safeguard was nerfed because his shield was a little too overpowered.

(3) - Tempest

Tempest is an AoE magic damage ability that also reveals enemies like Vayne and Teemo. Tempest can then be re-casted to slow enemies and deal some extra damage in the process. Tempest is good for clearing jungle camps with multiple monsters like Raptors, Wolves, and Krugs.

(3) Lee SinCourtesy: Riot Games

Ultimatum - Dragon’s Rage

Dragon’s Rage is a single target nuke which knocks your enemy into a certain direction and also damage and knock up all enemies who collide with them. If you are quick enough, you can also sneak in an auto-attack during the animation of Dragon’s Rage.

Lee Sin UltimateCourtesy: Riot Games

Level up your (1) Sonic Wave at level 1, and max it first. After that, you can start levelling up (2) Safeguard followed by (3) Tempest / Cripple Tempest / Cripple.

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Lee Sin's Combos

According to Wild Rift Build, Dragon’s Rage has three main uses to Burst down an enemy champion Dragon’s Rage deals an amazing amount of single target damage and is a viable weapon to quickly kill off the enemy’s priority carry.

Here are his combos:

Burst Combo 1: W1 + AA + E1 + AA + W2 + AA + E2 + Q1 + R + AA + Q2 + AA

Burst Combo 2: W1 + AA + E1 + AA + W2 + AA + R + AA + Q1 + Q2 + AA

Players can also do an Insec play, which League PC players are familiar with. Insec plays are advanced tactics that can be used to knock the enemy back to your team using your ultimate Dragon’s Rage.

Insec Combo 1: Q1 + Q2 + W1 (to enemy’s back) + R + Flash out

Insec Combo 2: W1 + R + Flash (to enemy’s back, must be done quickly) + Q1 + Q2

It's advisable to practice these Insec combos in tutorial mode and against enemy AI before playing PVP and Ranked mode because Lee Sin is a hard champion to master. 

Runes and Item Build on Lee Sin

The best runes for Lee Sin in Wild Rift is the Conqueror Keystone, followed by the Brutal, Hunter Titan, and Mastermind Minor Runes. The best items to build on Lee Sin in Wild Rift are items which maximize physical damage and give you survivability in teamfights and dives. So build health and resistances like armour and magic resist, along with some damage. Black Cleaver is a good first item to build after which you should ideally complete your Gluttonous Greaves with a Stasis Enchant and to finish up with a Death's Dance. 

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