6 teams to look out for at the PMCO South Asia Qualifiers

Shounak Sengupta
5/Nov/2019 04:54 pm

The PMCO Fall 2019 South Asia Qualifiers are widely expected to be one of the biggest regional qualifiers out there. A whopping 14,130 teams registered for the event but we are now down to the top 24. These teams are set to play in the Semifinals stage, which kicks off tomorrow. Now PUBG Mobile can be a bit of a complicated game to watch; with 64 players in the server and so many storylines to follow, sometimes it's hard to keep perspective on who you are watching, who the favorites are and who the underdogs are. Today we bring you a comprehensive guide on who the top players and teams are, going into the semifinal stage. 

Orange Rock - Aggression and Teamwork

Group Stage finish: 1

Star Players: Ex1stence, Sandhu

WWCD in Group Stage: 4

Top 5 finishes: 9

Total Kills: 114

The number 1 seeded team going into the South Asia semifinals is none other than Orange Rock. The team based out of Hyderabad dominated the group stage, putting up numbers that no team was able to too, as they left their competition biting the dust. 3 of their 4 players are in the list of top five players with most kills, a true testament to the aggressive playstyle that Orange Rock are famous for. 

However, it’s been a month since the group stages have finished and OR have exposed a few vulnerabilities that saw them unable to take the trophy at the PMIT 2019 finals in Kolkata. Despite being heavy favorites, the team fell victim to the pressure and could not hold on to their lead on day 2.

Image via: @OrangeRockEsports

Being favorites also means that the team has a huge target painted on their backs and others will be studying them very carefully as we head into the matches. However, few teams will be able to replicate the Orange Rock style of play as it takes more than just raw skills to copy. On the surface they may look aggressive and kill-hungry but behind it all lies a deeper understanding of the game, the map, the scoreboard and the judgement of skill that no other team currently possesses. 

Fnatic - Experience and Firepower

Group Stage finish: 3

Star Players: Sc0utOP, Owais

WWCD in Group Stage: 2

Top 5 finishes: 7

Total Kills: 88

The team with the most star power going into the South Asia qualifiers, XSpark’s recent acquisition by Fnatic hasn’t gone unnoticed. The international organization’s entry into the subcontinent sent waves across the esports ecosystems and has put the spotlight on the 5 young boys. How they perform under the spotlight and the pressure is now on them, as they look to prove that they are indeed deserving candidates. 

Image via @fnatic

The team consists of Ronak, Owais and Sc0utOP, three of the most experienced players in the country and known for both their skill and their approach to the game. On a good day, there is little that can get in the way of Fnatic, especially if the big guns start firing. 

Team SouL - Fan Support and Pride

Group Stage finish: 10

Star Players: MortaL, Viper

WWCD in Group Stage: 1

Top 5 finishes: 4

Total Kills: 42

Despite a lackluster performance in the group stages, the team with one of the biggest followings continues to be India’s last PMCO representative, Team SouL. The king of PUBG Mobile in India, Naman ‘MortaL’ Mathur makes his return to playing on LAN, despite announcing that he would be leaving competitive play and his fans could not be more excited. Along with his teammate, Viper, SouL too have a lot of experience and are bolstered by young talented players in the form of Regaltos and PMIT 2019 champion, Clutchgod. 

Image via Instagram

While the team were unable to put up significant numbers in the group stages, their form has been rapidly improving as they have proved time and again in scrims and practice matches. Few can underestimate the power and experience of SouL, especially considering that they have the blessings of more than 3 million Indians, behind them. 

Mega X - Raw skill and Innovation

Group Stage finish: 2

Star Players: Snax, Paradox

WWCD in Group Stage: 2

Top 5 finishes: 8

Total Kills: 89

A team that have managed to surprise many at this years PMCO is Mega X. Already rated highly by many of the players and teams, the team’s second place finish in the group stages, came as a surprise to many. Snax is rated as one of the best PUBG Mobile players in the country at the moment and his teammate Paradox had the second highest kills in the group stages. They also showed incredible consistency in placing well and brought forward a unique playstyle that allowed them to be more dynamic and less circle dependant that many teams. However, the surprise element that they had in the group stages, may not help them this time around as their second place finish is bound to attract some attention. 

Solti Squad - Unpredictability and Uniqueness

Group Stage finish: 4

Star Players: Nima

WWCD in Group Stage: 2

Top 5 finishes: 6

Total Kills: 67

A team that also came out of the blue and surprised everyone was Nepal’s Solti Squad. With this years qualifiers being extended onto the entire South Asian Region, few expected anyone but the Indian teams to dominate. However, Solti Squad have impressed many with their fearless playstyle and their never back down mentality. They also have the advantage of unfamiliarity in the sense that many of the teams who have been scrimming with each other are unaware of how Solti Squad plays.

Entity Gaming - Stability and Vision

Group Stage finish: 14

Star Players: Neyooo,Jonathan

WWCD in Group Stage: 1 

Top 5 finishes: 3

Total Kills: 36


Image via Instagram


While Entity Gaming’s numbers look far from impressive, remember that they play less than half of the group stage matches and still finished in the top 15. The team had some scheduling conflicts and were travelling to an international LAN, while the group stage matches were taking place but still managed to make it into the next stage, comfortably. Their star players, Neyooo and Jonathan are natural fraggers, and have the uncanny ability to win unwinnable fights. IGL Ghatak is known for his cerebral approach to the game and the team are good at playing the long game, a particularly useful tool in a format stretching 5 days. 

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