Revenge Esports win PMIT 2019 and take home the INR 50 lakh bounty

Shounak Sengupta
20/Oct/2019 03:18 pm

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The final day of the PUBG Mobile India Tour, was filled with ups and downs as Revenge Esports came back from behind to be crowned the champions. Orange Rock Esports were leading the table after day 1 and even managed to start the final day with a win, but they started slipping, allowing Revenge Esports to catch up and eventually take the lead. 2 key performances on Miramar and Sanhok allowed Revenge to win the championship with clutchgod putting in some clutch performances to take his team home. 

Image via @PUBG Mobile India Official

Day 2 started just like day 1 with Orange Rock Esports able to snatch the victory in game 1 on Erangel. Despite, Clutchgod’s resilience, OR were able to sneak their way into the final circle and take the win. On Miramar, OR found just 1 kill and were out in 7th place. A massive performance by Revenge Esports allowed them to pick up 12 kills and a chicken dinner as they closed the gap at the top to just 3 points. 

OR’s bad luck continued as they finished in 16th on Sanhok, while Revenge put up a 17 kill second-placed performance. 8bit Rampage were eventually able to claim their first win of the tournament in the match. The game allowed Revenge to go up by 28 points and with just 2 games remaining, OR found themselves in a tight spot. 

Just to keep things interesting, Revenge were eliminated in 17th place without a single kill on Vikendi, while OR were able to pick up 12 points. Going into the final map of the day, Revenge led the table with a significant 18 point lead. Orange Rock were forced to play aggressive in the final map to make up for the points deficit. While they were able to get till the final circle, they didn't have enough left in the tank to go till the end. Rising Hydra were able to get the WWCD in the final map. 


Final standings - Image via @PUBG Mobile India Official

1st place - INR 50,00,000 - Revenge Esports

2nd place - INR 20,00,000 - Orange Rock Esports

3rd place - INR 10,00,000 - Team INS

8bit.Gill - The Chosen One - Most MVP's - INR 50,000

TT.Snowftw - The Wanderer - Most distance covered on foot - INR 50,000 

8bit.Gill - The Annihilator - Most Damage - INR 50,000 

INS.JokerFTW - Headshot Expert - Most headshots - INR 50,000 

Revenge Esports - The Exterminators - Squad with the most kills - INR 1,00,000 

Revenge Esports - The Grenadiers - Squad with the most grenade kills - INR 1,00,000

8bit Rampage - People's Choice Award - INR 6,00,000


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