The 5 Best Guns In Call Of Duty: Mobile

Nutan Lele
14/Sep/2020 01:04 pm

Despite a high level of customization, some guns outclass others in terms of damage, firing rate, recoil, etc.
Here are the our top picks for guns from each class in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile introduced Gunsmithing in Season 9 and opened the doors for a huge amount of customisation. Players can now choose from more than a hundred attachments when customising weapons allowing players to update their favourite gun with new visuals and functional upgrades for a unique experience. Each weapon supports up to nine attachment slots with more than 60 attachments and gun perks available. However, even with a high level of customization, some guns outclass others in terms of damage, firing rate, recoil, etc. We take a look at one gun from each category to determine what weapons can give players an edge in their next game of Call of Duty: Mobile.



Its high damage of 71 and accuracy of 45 makes the DR-H is one of the better assault rifles in Call of Duty: Mobile. The weapon offers uniquely even damage drop off over a distance and has a short time to kill. The DR-H is a great gun for close-range combat. However, the gun has a strong recoil which can be taken care of with attachments and practice. The weapon’s medium fire rate is compensated by the gun’s OTM exclusive attachment which increases body shot damage, which leads to every body-shot dealing the same amount of damage as a headshot. Introduced in season 8, the DR-H has quickly become one of Call of Duty: Mobile’s better assault rifle making it one of our top picks as 5 best guns.



The M4LMG is a light machine gun with high damage of 46, huge mag size and fire rate of 63 that helps players continue long stretches of firing without having to reload. The overall accuracy of the M4 is pretty good at 61. The M4LMG’s high damage and accuracy of 61 make it one of the most reliable LMG in Call of Duty: Mobile. Players should look to attach a Monolithic Suppressor, an RTC Steady Stock, an OWC Laser - Tactical, a Tactical Foregrip A and a Granulated Grip Tape to help increase mobility, controls and reduce accuracy and range.



While shotguns don’t fit well in medium to long-range combat, the KRM-262’s quick fire rate, high damage of 98 and accuracy packs quite a punch. Players can two-shot anyone from close to medium distances with the right kind of attachments. With a Marauder Suppressor, Extended Barrel (+2), RTC Steady Stock, a MIP Laser 5mW and a Stippled Grip Tape, players can increase the range even further making it suitable for medium-range combat.

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A solid choice for SMG players who want a more sub-machine gun/assault rifle hybrid. The HG 40 sacrifices some of its firing rate for range. However, its decent accuracy and low recoil mean its easier to hit all of your shots. These characteristics make the gun heavily effective up to 25 meters. It has relatively high damage for an SMG at 40 and an accuracy of 62, which is quite hard to match.

DL Q33

DL Q33DL Q33

The DL Q33 sniper rifle is a great gun for no-scoping and it dishes out one-shot kills for any hit above the chest. One of the best sniper rifles in COD Mobile, the DL Q33 has very high damage, good accuracy and very good to use in long-range combat. Unfortunately, the rate of fire is unforgiving. This bolt action rifle is so slow that missing the first time will most likely mean there won't be a second. A MIP Light, YKM Combat Stock, OWC Laser - Tactical, Bipod and the Sleight of Hand perk can increase ads speed, and overall mobility, plus faster reload time.

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