Everything You Need To Know About The Flare Gun

Nutan Lele
18/Aug/2020 11:52 am
  • Flare Gun is a pistol type weapon to be used to fire the supply signal.
  • If fired inside the play zone it summons a supply crate with superior loot.
  • Fire it outside the safe zone to summon an armoured UAZ.

Among the many weapons, ammo, and attachments you can find in the game, perhaps one of the most unique is the Flare Gun. The Flare Gun is a pistol type weapon in PUBG Mobile. The gun is useful as both a usable weapon and a supply signal. However, firing a flare at a player causes no damage.

What is a Flare Gun?

The Flare Gun is an extremely rare weapon that, when fired, calls in a custom airdrop that drops a sizeable amount of highly valuable equipment compared to ordinary airdrops. If a flare is fired straight up into the air it will reach an altitude of 200 meters. A plane will soon fly over the map and drop off a crate of supplies if the player is inside the safe zone. If the player is outside the zone, it drops an armoured UAZ. It has a magazine size of 1 so you can call only one drop. 

The Flare Gun in PUBG is a rare find on all of the three main maps (Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok) of PUBG Mobile. The supply crate that gets dropped after firing the Flare Gun is not like regular supply crates that are dropped from airplanes during normal gameplay. This airdrop comes with three parachutes. Summon the flare drop inside the white circle to get a big supply crate with level-3 weapons and armour and maybe a ghillie suit, perfect for camouflage. If players are on Vikendi, a snow ghillie suit may spawn. If the flare gun is fired outside the white circle, an armoured UAZ will be dropped. 

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Tips for using the Flare Gun

  1. Get outside in open spaces. While players will find the Flare Gun inside buildings, however, when firing it, it's best to be in a clear open space.
  2. Pick a suitable spot and fire the gun in the air. The Flare Gun is noisy. The shot can be heard from afar and the gun sends up a distinctive red flare that hangs above the player’s location for some time. So, choose an open location, preferably with a lot of hiding spots. Once the supply drop lands, it will emit a yellow smoke. 
  3. Loot the crate quickly and get out of there. Whether it’s picking up supplies from the crate or baiting enemies who have looted before you, it's best to wrap things up quickly. A flare drop attracts a lot of attention, so it's best not to hang around after looting. 
  4. Don’t engage immediately when dealing with more than one team on the scene. There might be more than one team that gets lured to the supply crate. In case there is a firefight, the team might get outnumbered by the enemies.
  5. Look for a scope after you find a Flare Gun. While the gun itself doesn’t have an option for attachments, the loot you collect may give you a great weapon to use with a scope.
  6. On the Erangel map, players are likely to find a Flare Gun in the Shooting Range, Novorepnoye, Mylta Power, Military Base and Georgopol.
Flare Gun Possible Locations for Flare Guns

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