Redeye Retires From Esports, Resigns as Managing Director of Code Red Esports

Aditya Singh Rawat
29/Jun/2020 06:33 pm
  • Redeye has decided to walk away from esports following multiple accusations made against him recently.
  • He will also be resigning as the Managing Director of Code Red Esports.
  • He apologised to everyone he has not treated very well, walking away from the industry he has been a part of for the last 18 years.

Esports host and commentator Paul “Redeye” Chaloner has decided to walk away from esports after he was accused of physical and power abuse by CS:GO host James Banks a few days back. He also announced his resignation as the Managing Director of Code Red Esports with immediate effect while saying that he would not even continue a public life within esports.

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Redeye Walks Away From Esports

In a statement made via Twitter, the 48-year-old esports talent stated that “Following the attacks made on my character over the last few days, I have decided to walk away from esports.”

Attaching an image along with this Tweet Redeye revealed that though he might have been able to cope up with all the accusations which he claimed to be a mix of “truths, half-truths, and falsehoods,” the allegations became cruel and vicious when his children got dragged into this.

Redeye went on to point out that he has already gone to the court and was found not guilty, which he had already stated once two days back. As he goes on to say that "Dredging this up again for public consumption is not fair to me or my children.”

While accepting that his mental health has not been great during the lockdown Redeye says that it has deteriorated even more following the onslaught of accusations towards his character and the unwarranted involvement of his family.

“I have come very close in the last 24 hours to taking my own life and feel that stepping away to deal with my issues is the only way I am going to survive.”

Redeye went on to praise Code Red by saying that it is an incredible company before apologising to everyone that he has not treated very well. He said that it wasn’t his intention to upset them and went on to wish them a long and successful career.

“This has been a huge eyeopener for me and something that I will work hard on getting better about, even though that will be outside the world of esports.”

He concluded his statement by thanking all the fans who supported him while stating that he loved his time in esports and though this is not how he wished to end his career, he is “grateful for everything and proud to have been there to watch the industry grow and share the last 18 years of my life with you.”

Redeye's Retirement Statement

Redeye had come under fire after James Banks accused him and his former co-worker Luke Cotton, COO of Code Red Esports of physical and power abuse against him.

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Though Redeye had earlier come out with a response against all the allegations made against him, the esports veteran has decided that with his family getting dragged in it was best for him to hang up his boots and retire.


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