Redeye Responds To James Banks’ Allegations

Vignesh Raghuram
28/Jun/2020 11:35 am

After he was accused of power abuse by British CS:GO host James Banks, Paul "Redeye" Chaloner made a tweet stating that he denied most of the allegations and that he would consult with legal representatives before making any further statements.

Hours later, Redeye responded with a detailed document denying Banks’ allegations of physical assault and squashing journalists from reporting.

Redeye’s Response To James Banks’ Allegations

Redeye on his interactions with James Banks

Redeye denied James Banks’ accusations stating that he would prevent Banks from ever working in the industry again. But he concurred with Banks’ statements about how he didn’t rate Banks as a good caster/host. He stated that he moved Banks to an interviewer role since he thought he was very capable in that role.

Redeye also stated it is clear that his very blunt feedback about Banks’ abilities as a commentator, upset his feelings. However, he also doesn’t feel that his opinion stopped or damaged Banks’ career as a commentator. He added that he never intended to do so. 

Later down in his response, Redeye added that he had never actively gone out of his way to stop anyone from getting gigs. 

Redeye on Allegations of Physical Assault at Gfinity

Redeye completely denied all allegations of physical assault that was alleged to have happened at Gfinity. He also denied that there was no court case related to this matter.

Redeye's Quote on alleged Physical Assault

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Redeye clarified that while there was a heated confrontation between an employee at Gfinity and himself, it was merely verbal and never turned physical. He attached a screenshot which consisted of a chat log between an anonymous Gfinity employee to support this claim.

Redeye's Conversation with Anonymous Gfinity Employee

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Redeye stated that he has since apologized to the person with whom he had this confrontation and added that he resigned and left the company later for unrelated reasons while this person stayed at Gfinity for another 18 months.

Redeye apologises to Gfinity employee

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Redeye Denies James Banks’ Accusations of Squashing Journalists

Redeye denied all of James Banks’ accusations of him squashing journalists and stated that the reason why Banks’ document was not printed was the lack of evidence. He also attached a screenshot of Dekay’s comments on Reddit as evidence.

Dekay's comment on reddit

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Dekay’s comment confirmed that neither Redeye nor Code Red Esports (Redeye’s agency) played a part in him not reporting on this matter. It was his publication (DBLTap)’s legal team which made the call to not publish this document. He said that he couldn’t get enough verified information to publish this piece. Dekay added that he has never been told that he couldn’t publish anything.

However, the comment also states that James Banks was telling the absolute truth based on Dekay's reviews.

Redeye on James Banks Stating That PGL Had Cut Ties with Him and His Agency

Redeye confirms that there was a confrontation between him and the main producer at a PGL event. He admitted that he spoke “in a bad way” and he was unprofessional and frustrated about having a bad show. However, he states that he apologized to the producer for this incident the very next day and they had moved on.

Redeye also attached a screenshot of his conversation with another PGL producer, where he suggests that he or his agency won’t be working with PGL again. 

Redeye talks to PGL producer

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This is in contrast to a similar conversation on James Banks’ document where an anonymous source suggests that Silviu Stroie (CEO of PGL) stating that they would not work with Redeye or his agency again. 

Redeye on his Bluntness and his Behaviour

Redeye also agreed that he could be blunt and sometimes he could be an “asshole”, and admits that it is his flaw and that he has continued to work on it. He also added that he too suffers from anxiety and mental health issues, but that he doesn’t want to use this as a reason for his behaviour.

Redeye on his behaviour(Click to expand)

Redeye also noted that he needs to improve his behaviour and that he will be taking some time out to contemplate where he wants to go from here personally and professionally and to work on his mental health.

Towards the end of his statement, Redeye states that he is open to discussing this further with James Banks so that both of them could resolve this matter, heal and move on.

Following this response, James Banks stated that Redeye’s response was “full of lies and holes with no evidence”.

Banks states that Redeye's statements is full of lies

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In another tweet, Banks also added that he intends to publish another document on June 28th with all the new evidence that had been passed to him after he published his allegations.


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