Redeye Accused of Power Abuse by James Banks

Vignesh Raghuram
27/Jun/2020 07:05 pm

Popular esports host and Managing Director of Code Red Esports, Paul "Redeye" Chaloner has been accused of physical and power abuse by British CS:GO host James Banks. Luke Cotton, COO of Code Red Esports was also named in these allegations.

In a document shared on Twitter, Banks details his accusations which alleges Redeye’s history of physical and mental abuse against him and fellow members in the esports scene.

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James Banks’ Allegations Against Redeye

Redeye Allegedly Threatened James Banks’ Career

James Banks alleges that he had a contract with Gfinity (tournament organizer) according to which he was to commentate in all their CS:GO events and host all their Starcraft 2 events. He states that when Redeye joined the company as Head of Broadcasting, he was contacted by Redeye and told that he would be moving to other roles. 

According to Banks, when he refused to do so citing his contract, Redeye threatened him and stated that he would never work in the esports industry unless he obliged. Hence he was forced to move roles and become an interviewer.

James Banks Talks About The Anxiety and Depression That Redeye Caused

Banks stated that Redeye and other talents (who were not named) had directly caused him anxiety and depression.

James Banks Allegations Against Redeye

“After attending the Gfinity events and doing my role as interviewer, I remember getting anxiety every time I saw Redeye, he refused to talk to me, didn’t offer any support, kept me out of meetings and things that were going on, even though it included the other talent. It got so bad with my anxiety and depression that was caused by Redeye that I would sweat profusely, making any clothing I had turn a different colour and then I would be mocked by Redeye and other talent, while simply trying to do my job under stressful conditions, the difference was, Redeye knew about the reasons for this as he was my boss and employer at the time.”

Banks also states that he has proof from British doctors that stated that what Redeye had done to him was making him ill and that Gfinity was not a safe environment for him to work in anymore.

Redeye Punched A Staff Member at Gfinity According to Banks

James Banks also alleged that Redeye physically assaulted a staff member at Gfinity. Banks attached a claim from an anonymous person who worked at Gfinity, who claimed that Redeye who pushed and shoved him, before punching him twice in the ribs and once in the stomach leaving the person with bruises.

Redeye punched a staff member at Gfinity

Several other screenshots from other anonymous members who were alleged to have been working at Gfinity at the same time, acknowledging that this incident had taken place were also attached in Banks’ document.

Other Incidents of Redeye’s Alleged Power Abuse at Gfinity

Banks also attached screenshots of several accounts containing allegations of Redeye’s behaviour at Gfinity which included verbal abuse, holding other talent back, lies about other talent and abuse of power. However, the names of the people making these allegations were withheld.

More allegations of Power abuse against Redeye

Banks States That PGL Has Cut Ties With Redeye and Code Red Esports After Abuse

Banks also alleged that PGL stopped working with Redye and his agency after he yelled at PGL production staff during a CS:GO event at Shanghai, attaching yet another screenshot from an anonymous source. 

This was likely the CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 tournament. Redeye has not worked as a talent in another CS:GO event (PGL tournament or otherwise), following this incident.

Redeye yelling at PGL staff at CSGO Tournament in 2019

2GD Comments On The Matter

The document also contained an attachment of a Tweet made by infamous esports host, James "2GD" Harding. In it, 2GD indicated that he knew who James Banks was talking about and that he should publish it provided that it was factual. It should be noted that 2GD has retweeted James Banks list of allegations after it was published.

James Banks also commented that Redeye has blocked his attempts to send this document and proofs to multiple journalists and that Redeye is also actively trying to reach out to Tournament Organizers to prevent him from being hired.

Redeye's Response To These Allegations

Redeye has denied most of James Banks allegations and has stated that he had never assaulted anyone.

James Banks' Allegations on Luke Cotton

James Banks stated that Luke Cotton from Code Red also threatened and blackmailed him. He also stated that Cotton planned to use things he said 10 years ago to threaten him and protect Redeye.

Banks apologized for his past behaviour and linked a video where he spoke about these incidents. He also claimed that he has since changed.

Response from Luke Cotton

The other person named in this document, Luke Cotton, also responded to Banks’ allegations, admitting that he threatened Banks because he felt that it took away from the victims who have spoken about the sexual harassment they face in the esports industry.

He stated that he felt Banks was leveraging this movement for his own vendetta. He also said that Banks had previously caused him significant pain with homophobic abuse and threats. He added that Banks had made the space unwelcoming for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Cotton also added that he believed that almost all the claims about Redeye were untrue.

Cotton alleged that Banks had not apologized to him for the statements he admits to making despite his claims until Thursday. He also attached 14 screenshots of his conversations with Banks supporting this.

Cotton stated that Code Red Esports had never made any efforts to stop journalists from publishing articles about their businesses or the talent that they work with and asked Banks to publish the screenshots (that Banks claims to have) which proved otherwise.


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