VALORANT Pacific Open Featuring a $20,000 Prize Pool Announced

Aditya Singh Rawat
24/Jun/2020 02:34 pm
  • First 'VALORANT Ignition Series' tournament for SEA to take place in the form of VALORANT Pacific Open.
  • VALORANT Pacific Open will feature a separate prize pool for each regional qualifier along with $20,000 for the main event.
  • The tournament will feature a total of 16 teams in the main event.

Full details about the first entry-level VALORANT tournament for the SEA region called ‘VALORANT Pacific Open’ are now available as Cyber Games Arena in partnership with Meniski presents a $20,000 tournament which will feature a total of 16 teams participating in the main event.

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VALORANT Pacific Open

The VALORANT Pacific Open is an entry-level tournament which is specifically aimed towards the growth of SEA teams and players. The tournament will be covering a total of seven Southeast Asian countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Each of these countries will have their own Open Regional Qualifier with a separate prize pool. A certain number of teams from each of these seven regional qualifiers will make their way through to the main event.

Each regional qualifier will have an additional separate prize poolEvery regional qualifier will have an additional separate prize pool

Regional Prize Pool
Registration Dates
Game Dates
Sign Up
TWD 950,000+ ($32213.45+)
24th - 30th June
2nd - 4th July
Hong Kong
HKD 250,000+ ($32256.61+)
24th June - 2nd July
3rd - 5th July
THB 1,000,000+ ($32414.91+)
24th - 29th June
30th June - 5th July
SGD 45,000+ ($32393.25+)
23rd - 30th June
1st - 4th July
IDR 458,000,000+ ($32310.92+)
23rd - 30th June
1st - 3rd July
MYR 130,000+ ($30427.16+)
23rd June - 2nd July
3rd - 5th July
PHP 100,000+ ($1997.03+)
23rd - 30th June
2nd - 4th July

A total of 10 teams will make their way through these 7 regional qualifiers to the main event where they will be joined by 6 directly invited teams. These 16 teams will then face off against each other for a total prize pool of $20,000.

The main event will consist of the group stage followed by the playoffs. The 16 participating teams will be divided into 4 groups of 4 teams each. Every match of the group stage will be a best-of-one face-off with the top 2 teams from each group making its way through to the playoffs.

The playoffs will be featuring a best-of-three series except for the grand finals which will be a five-game affair. The tournament will be highly competitive as the $20,000 prize pool reserved for the main event will only be divided between the top three teams.

The team placing first will be walking away with the highest cut of around $13,000 while the runners-up will receive $5,000, the team placing third will get the final cut equivalent to $2,000.

More information about the tournament like the dates of the regional open qualifiers, schedule of the main event, names of the directly invited team, broadcasting channels, and names of the talents hosting the tournament will be announced soon.

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VALORANT Pacific Open is actually part of the ‘VALORANT Ignition Series’ which was announced last week on 16th June. It is being organized by Cyber Games Arena in partnership with Mineski which is the latest esports organization in Southeast Asia.

VALORANT Pacific Open 2020 is part of the VALORANT Ignition SeriesVALORANT Ignition Series 2020

Ignition Series as the name suggests are a series of VALORANT tournaments which have been created in partnerships with teams, players, creators, and tournament organizers from all around with a focus on building the VALORANT competitive ecosystem.


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