Dardoch Leaves TSM, Joins Team Dignitas For LCS Summer Split 2020

Nutan Lele
27/May/2020 05:33 am

Cover and thumbnail courtesy DignitasTwitter

  • Dardoch joins Team Dignitas roster for upcoming LCS Summer Split 2020.
  • Dardoch will be replacing Grig for Dignitas.

Weeks after the TSM drama involving Leena and Dardoch has cooled down, the jungler has finally found a new home- Team Dignitas.

 On 11th May, TSM president Leena Xu had accidentally leaked details of Dardoch’s transfer plans on a business call in the background of Doublelift’s stream, stating “no one wants to pick up Dardoch”. This brought on a lot of backlash for TSM management despite Leena’s apology and founder Reginald’s attempts at salvaging the situation. Many believed that this hurt Dardoch's market value and sparked discussions of conflict of interest again since Doublift’s departure from Team Liquid for TSM. Reginald later confirmed that he was working hard with the jungler “to make sure he feels good about this situation and lands on his feet”. 

Dardoch has been part of several teams in the past few years including Team Liquid, Immortals, CLG and Echo Fox. Team Dignitas is Dardoch's 14th team over a span of 6 years. LCS has seen him rise as one of North America's most promising junglers but he was also criticized for his behaviour. He will be replacing Jonathan "Grig" Armao who left Dignitas during the midseason. 

Catch Dardoch in action during the 2020 LCS Summer Split begins on 12th June.


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