Reactions pour in as TSM Leena Accidentally leaks Dardoch's Trade Details on Doublelift's stream

Nutan Lele
12/May/2020 07:40 am

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  • Leena can be heard talking about Dardoch's transfer in the background of Doublelift's stream
  • Reactions from various commentators and fans have come in regarding the leak.

Conflict of interest has been a hot topic in the last few weeks since the announcement of Doublelift’s trade from Team Liquid to TSM was first approved. Just as things were cooling down, a new controversy has broken out as TSM president Leena Xu accidentally leaked details of Dardoch’s transfer plans on a business call in the background of Doublelift’s stream. While on the call, she can be heard discussing their jungler’s exit from the team and potentially LCS, stating "no one wants to pick up Dardoch".

She has since apologised for the ‘lapse in judgement’, tweeting out:

However, the damage was done as the couple immediately came under fire from the community with many raising their eyebrows about the whole situation

Other commentators also tweeted out, reigniting the debate about conflict of interest and what should be the next step for TSM. Neither Dardoch nor Doublelift has responded to the controversy. 

MonteCristo tweeted:

Richard Lewis said TSM should get Leena to resign from the post

And, of course, Thorin is back in full form.

LCS and Riot Games have not yet made official statements on the transfer leaks so it is yet to be seen what consequences await TSM. 


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