"I wanna be competitive and go far in the game, but I can’t." - Shroud on Playing VALORANT Competitively

Aditya Singh Rawat
18/May/2020 04:14 pm

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  • Shroud speaks about his desire to play VALORANT competitively.

  • The streamer will not be going pro in VALORANT as it would jeopardize the stream.

  • He says doing both these things together is technically possible, "but I would have zero hours for myself."

It looks like the announcement made by Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek on 1st April was actually an April fool's joke, as one of the most popular streamers in the world recently spoke about his desire to play VALORANT competitively saying that, “I wanna be competitive and I want to go far in the game (VALORANT), but I can’t.” 

The reason behind which turned out to be his love for streaming. Fully aware of the fact that playing VALORANT competitively would hinder him from streaming regularly he said that “I would like to compete again but that would jeopardize the stream.”

The 25-year-old went on to say that VALORANT is a fun game, but it is much more than just that for him because he used to play competitively and doesn’t any more, “so it feels very weird to play the game casually, it is hard to play it for fun.”

Answering the question if he is allowed to do both, play competitively and stream, the Canadian streamer responded by saying “In theory, I technically could, but I would have zero hours for myself, as in I would have to meet my hours for streaming, but then I would also have to compete and play with my team, the right amount of hours.”

Recalling his time from back when he was playing CS:GO competitively, Shroud said that back then he was playing the game competitively while pouring all of his free time streaming, “so I had zero time for myself and I don’t really want to do that again.”

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He went on to discuss the sacrifices he would have to make if he decides to go pro in VALORANT, saying that there is nothing casual about the game and it is all pretty serious. As he clarified his stance on the matter by passing the following statement,

“Let’s say I didn’t have to do any streaming hours, I didn’t have to stream, let’s just say that is how my life was, but I want to stream. That’s the problem.”

Well, it looks like Shroud who recently calibrated his VALORANT rank has finally decided what he wants to do going ahead, playing VALORANT casually every now and then while doing what he loves to do the most, stream to his heart content.

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