Shroud Reveals his VALORANT Rank

Aditya Singh Rawat
1/May/2020 02:20 pm

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  • Soon after VALORANT enables ranked matchmaking for the North American region Shroud calibrates his rank.

  • He goes on to play the five calibration matches to obtain Diamond 3 as his initial rank.

  • No clarity on the factors which affect the calibration of a player's rank. 

With the VALORANT closed beta just one week away from completing a whole month since it’s release on 7th April, the game developers turned on ranked matchmaking for the North American region yesterday, while promising a follow-up for Europe as well if all goes well in the first region.

Pouncing on the opportunity straight away was Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, who quickly played his set of five matches to calibrate his rank. Finishing with 3 wins and 2 losses, he obtained Diamond 3 as his initial rank but wasn’t too thrilled, as he remarked by saying that he doesn’t know how this all works in reality.

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Earlier he had stated that after playing his first ranked match, his rating in comparison to his other teammates was much higher which prevented him from queuing with them any longer. As he went on to complain about the long solo queue times.

A lot of other players replied to Shroud’s tweet stating their own calibration outcomes, discussing the parameters based on which the ranks were being attained. As pro-PUBG player Jaden “Vegas” James revealed that even after winning all his calibration matches he only received a Platinum ranking.

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Though it is still not clear what factors affect the calibration of players initial rank, the VALORANT players from NA seemed to have taken to the ranked matchmaking with gusto, without facing too much of a problem apart from longer solo queue timings. Based on this the community can expect ranked matchmaking to roll out for the European region as well, according to the plan.


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