"You think VALORANT is really good? It is Incredible." - Shroud after Playing the game

Aditya Singh Rawat

2nd Apr, 2020

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Shroud

Former Counter-Strike professional Michael “shroud” Grzesiek seems to be blown away by Riot Games VALORANT. In a recent stream of his, the player said that “After playing VALORANT, it makes it all worse ‘cause now I am sitting here and I am like dude, I just played a f**king gem and now I gotta go back to trash.”

“You think VALORANT is really good?” asking a rhetorical question to himself shroud proceeded to answer by saying that “It is incredible.”

imageVALORANT Gameplay Footage

At the time of making that statement shroud was playing VALORANT but could not stream the gameplay or divulge any extra information on the game. Despite all the restrictions, the player could not hold back his feelings towards the game and in his outburst of appreciation for VALORANT he stated that,

“(VALORANT is) One of the greatest games that I have played in a very very very long time. Like there are only so many f**king gems of videogames out in the world, in my personal preference and opinion. And that one (VALORANT) is looking good.”

The tactical first-person shooter whose closed beta is set for launch on 7th April has certainly impressed one of the biggest streamers in the world. And this was surprising feedback from Shroud, who had criticised the game a few weeks ago stating that “So, I don't know if this game can surpass CS, but, I think it'll be successful.”

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Let’s see what the public thinks about the game once the Closed Beta is released. Do you still think it is not much of a threat for CS:GO?