Shroud Announces Decision to go Pro in VALORANT on First April

Aditya Singh Rawat
2/Apr/2020 01:12 pm

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Former Counter-Strike professional and current full-time streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek put out a post via his Twitter handle yesterday, announcing that he would be going professional in Riot Games VALORANT.

In a sort of open letter shared with all his fans and followers, shroud stated that after trying out VALORANT “it’s all I have been thinking about,” and that despite him playing several games over the last few years “this one hit different.” 

He also admitted that “I’ve missed the competitive edge and I finally have a game that I know I can be the best at.” Going on to reveal that he wants to “win world championships and celebrate with you, my fans.” Concluding his announcement by saying that he is ready for the next step and that nobody could stop him.

Announcement Made by Shroud

While it is true that the 25-year-old streamer has been absent from the competitive gaming scene for quite some time now, he has been doing really well as a full-time streamer, recently leaving Twitch to join Mixer in a multi-million dollar deal that took place last year in October.

Some personalities like Braxton "brax" Pierce, Erik “fl0m” Flom, and a few others replied to the post, putting in their own suggestions to add a little more flavour to the announcement.

But at the end of it all the post was made on 1st April, so that could be a really big signal as to where that announcement is headed. Also, we all know what happened when Shroud returned to stream some CS:GO last year in May!

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