Perkz Talks About G2’s Role Swap, Journey through 2020 and the Future

Nutan Lele
18/May/2020 08:56 am

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  • Perkz on G2 his role swap and why G2 is a more solid team.
  • He also talks about G2's chances at 2020 worlds.

After a successful 2019 which saw G2 clinch two LEC titles, an MSI trophy, and a Worlds final appearance with Perkz in the bot lane, fans were confused as to why G2 decided to switch him to mid. After their stellar lineup won another championship with a 3–0 victory over rivals Fnatic in Spring Split 2020, the community thought they got their answer but were left scratching their heads about the subsequent reshuffle. In a recent interview with Ashley Kang of Korizon Esports, Perkz talked about his latest role swap with Caps and why 2020 is G2’s year

G2 had discussed the role swap after the Spring Split, Caps didn’t enjoy playing bot lane as much as Perkz. “Rasmus didn’t like the bot lane as much as I did, he didn’t enjoy playing it. The reason he wanted to play bot lane in the first place is because he thought I was unhappy”, a rather wholesome gesture. Perkz believed that switching back to ADC and Caps going to the mid lane would make G2 a stronger team.  The only downside is that he would have to keep up with the bot lane meta which “shouldn’t be that hard”.

Perkz said that he found the initial switch to be quite helpful for G2 since it changed the way they played. “Our team’s main issue last year was that we could only win the game through the bot lane,” he said. He said that because he was a more vocal player, him switching to mid made the team stronger, helping them play around other carries. This also helped the team focus more on macro play and playing for the late game, with Caps playing safer at bot.  “Personally, I am trying to take it more slowly and not to burn myself out. I try not to stress over my mistakes or my teammates’ anymore and I just try to enjoy the moment a little bit more,” he added. Perkz went on to talk about how the team had changed since 2019 and feels even stronger now with a real shot at Worlds 2020 and other giants like T1 weren’t much of a threat.

League fans will be able to watch the new (old) G2 roster in the Summer Split which starts on 12th June.


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