PERKZ, Caps, And G2 Have Confirmed Role Swaps Yet Again For The Upcoming Summer Split

Nutan Lele
7/May/2020 04:45 am

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  • G2's PERKZ and Caps confirm lane swap yet again.
  • For Summer Split 2020 PERKZ will play marksmen with Caps in mid lane.

G2 Esports star PERKZ and Caps had been hinting towards yet another swap after their amazing run at the LEC Spring Split and in a series of tweets both have now confirmed the swap. PERKZ would now be playing ADC, tweeting out that he would be practising some ADC champions during his stream. Although PERKZ is known to troll, Caps has also been seen playing typical mid lane champions on his alternate account. 

(Tweets arranged in the order in which they are to be read)

Caps first moved from Fnatic to G2 Esports before the season began in 2019. The move saw mid-laner PERKZ switch to ADC. Many were unhappy with the swap but G2 proved it had played its cards write with a stellar performance in 2019, winning both Spring and Summer Splits with a record of 13-5 and 15-3 respectively, as well as winning MSI 2019

G2 had initially swapped Caps and PERKZ roles ahead of the 2020 spring split and are doing it again for the Summer Split 2020. Caps got some backlash from fans after his first swap into the role of ADC during the 2020 Spring Split due to a few unsteady showings during the season. This led many to think support Mikyx had better synergy with PERKZ. However, G2’s 15-3 run and their 3-0 sweep of the finals against longtime rivals Fnatic silenced critics. 

It seems no matter where G2 Esports decides to play them, both PERKZ and Caps prove to be reliable, flexible players, which is what the team will be banking on for their drafts in the upcoming Summer Split.


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