VALORANT Player Takes Ace, Tie-Breaker Clutch, and Last Second Defuse all in One Game

Aditya Singh Rawat

15th May, 2020

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: u/LonelyAri

It has been more than a month since VALORANT released the closed beta, and though a lot of spectacular clips might have been witnessed over time, this double-clutch is simply on another level, especially considering that it was an Immortal level ranked game and that the second clutch was executed in the tie-breaker.

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A player who goes by the username ARIANARCHIST (u/LonelyAri) clutched two alternate rounds for their side while playing as Defenders with Raze. With the score levelled at ‘11-11’ the player equipped with a sniper rifle took down all the enemy players to land a successful defuse and clutch the round, taking the lead.

Facing another tight situation in the tie-breaker round, the player facing a 1v2 clutch situation, took care of the two players followed by a really close defuse with just 0.95 seconds left on the defuse timer.

Everyone on the player’s team was mighty impressed with the skill showcased, as the player not only won them the game but even bagged ‘5 subscribers' which were gifted by a teammate as promised for the adrenaline-filled gameplay. They were in awe with the captivating gameplay which consisted of some great shots by the player, along with plenty of presence of mind.

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For an Immortal level ranked game, the work put in by the player seems to be on-point, as the enemy players would have also been equally skilled.