GODSENT Announces VALORANT’s First All-Female Pro Team

Vignesh Raghuram
9/May/2020 02:18 pm
  • GODSENT has signed all-female professional VALORANT team.
  • The lineup primarily consists of former professional CS:GO and Apex Legends players.
  • Multiple esports organizations like T1, Sentinels and Gen.G have already announced their professional VALORANT rosters.

Swedish Esports Organization GODSENT has officially announced that it has signed an all-female professional VALORANT team.

While esports organizations like T1, Sentinels and Gen.G have already announced their professional VALORANT rosters, this is the first all-women professional VALORANT team.

The roster primarily consists of former CS:GO and Apex Legends professionals. The new GODSENT VALORANT lineup includes Brazillian player Hosana “Tinyladyy” Kmiecik, Swedish player Lilly “Katti” Lucas, Boina “alikea” Alicia from France and German players Julia “Juju” Steffen and Nicole “nCL” Hanser.

More Information about the Players

  • Tinylady and Juju were formerly part of Halocline Gaming's Apex Legends lineup. The team had some decent finishes at the Liquid Apex Season 1 Invitational and Liquid Apex Season 1 tournaments.

  • Alikea used to play for the female lineup of Royal Bandits.
  • Katti and nCL are high-skilled VALORANT streamers.

Thus GODSENT's full roster:

  • Hosana “Tinyladyy” Kmiecik
  • Julia “Juju” Steffen
  • Alicia “alikea” Boina
  • Lilly “Katti” Lucas
  • Nicole “nCL” Hanser

It is interesting to see so many popular esports organizations signing rosters before the game has even come out of beta or a proper road map for the professional circuit is established. It is a gamble of course, but if it pays off? Judging by the League of Legends professional circuits, the sky is the limit.

A game very similar to VALORANT, Overwatch recently made history after Se-yeon “Geguri” Kim became the first women to compete at the highest tier of the esport, Overwatch League (OWL).


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