Banned Fortnite Pro Kquid May Have Been Cheating All Along

Nutan Lele
15/May/2020 02:21 pm

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  • Australian Fortnite player Kquid got banned from the FNCS Invitational.
  • Evidence has emerged that the player may have been cheating all along.

When Kquid, a popular Fortnite player from Australia, got banned during the first week of the FNCS Invitational, it was for allegedly using his friend’s computer. However, evidence compiled by Australian YouTuber SerpentAU has pointed to the fact that the player may have been cheating

Kquid had trouble connecting to a match on Day 1 of the invitational from his home system and decided to go to a friend’s house to play. The friend let Kquid take the computer home to continue playing matches on Day 2. After facing issues once again on his main system and after playing one game, Kquid got kicked and banned. 

At Least that was the story that spawned #FreeKquid on twitter. However, evidence (also from SerpentAU) has come out suggesting he has effectively been using an aimbot. 

Footage taken from Kquid’s channel allegedly shows several cheat programs and others designed to mask the use of the cheat, on his desktop. In a now deleted Twitlonger Kquid explains that he has tried to use cheats in the past but failed, eventually doing a factory reset of his machine to get rid of them. However, the footage was dated and shows that they were installed after the "factory reset".

Some additional evidence has also emerged, dated 19th of October 2019, screenshots of a player that goes by the name "Devy" who is reportedly a friend of Kquid, that show him talking about using the cheats. 

There have also been instances of Kquid using aim assist or aimbot, which has previously been chalked up to ‘jokes’. 

Some Fortnite players think this has been going on for a long time, with Liquid Stretch saying that his cheating has been on since the World Cup and nobody batted an eye. Questions now arise about whether or not he was using them in tournaments like when he placed 5th and won $11,000AUD in the Australian Open LAN. This may explain why Epic Games hadn’t responded during the #FreeKquid. 


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