Popular Fortnite Player Gets Banned From FNCS Invitational, spawns #FreeKquid

Nutan Lele
11/May/2020 03:07 pm

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  • Australian Fortnite player Kquid gets banned for possibly violating FNCS Invitational rules.
  • Epic Games is yet to reinstate his account.  

Kquid, a popular Fortnite player from Australia, got banned during the first week of the FNCS Invitational for allegedly using another computer. The player had trouble connecting to a match on Day 1 of the invitational from his home system and decided to go to a friend’s house to play. The friend let Kquid take the computer home to continue playing matches on Day 2. After facing issues once again on his main system and after playing one game, Kquid got kicked and banned. 

The automatic ban was issued after he potentially broke rule 3.7.2 which states that "Multiple players may not participate in the Event on the same machine in a single Event weekend." This, however, does not seem to apply in Kquid’s situation, but multiple IPs and different accounts on the same system could cause the automatic system to trigger. Kquid later explained in another tweet that using an alternate account could have led to the ban. 

The ban led several to tweet out in support of the Australian and #FreeKquid began trending.

The player joined in as well: 

Epic Games still hasn’t unbanned the player, leading him to miss out on the Cash Cup. Queuing for games in Fortnite sometimes unexpectedly drops players out of queues or leaves them queuing for a long time. Sometimes a ‘Connection Error’ message appears. Most players brush it off, but this time queuing issues caused the Australian to lose out on spot in a $2 million tournament. 


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